What will you give up?


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  • I have fought and walked the walk since 1987, I continued to educate myself with the knowledge of the laws to try and stay a step ahead. I have fought in the battle field of the courtrooms, With the families that needed help and ask for nothing in return. I have tried to ” Make a Difference ” with my boots on the ground and in return I have been intimidated and retaliated against.
    My children and grand-children have suffered the consequences for my actions to fight for the rights of families.
    The courts have proven to be bias and cases are predetermined before trial, that being ,If the families even have the will to go as far as trial. Most families are beat down and threatened into case plans to keep their children in the system as long as possible ..
    Once a family is out of DCF and into the hands of the sub-contractors, That is where the Cash for Kids comes into play. DCF is not funded by SS Title IV , the Sub-contractor IS. The longer the children are in care, the longer the money flows. No matter what the case plan is, They will drag it out and the courts will allow them to do so.
    As for the court venue, The meaning of that hearing is to be HEARD, However, That is not the case, The court will shut you down, refuse to listen to you, refuse to listen to the children. Parents are judged prior to ever being heard, children’s best interest is ignored and especially when there is proof that a case has been compromised by any agency.
    The court will go above and beyond ethics and morals to discredit any one who can prove corruption, perjury, falsification of documents and violations of policies, procedures, mandates, and most of all the Fl Statues Chapter 39.

    As I write this on the 7th day of June,2013, Here in Lee County Florida, I hereby swear that without giving details of the case that I have been evoked, I will state that predetermination, bias and cover ups are in fact occurring here and that I have documented proof that is to be turned over to the Florida Attorney General’s Office of the Inspector General, who has full knowledge of these documents and has been waiting to speak to me.
    The States intent is to discredit me prior to my meeting with him, in hopes that it will minimize the effects of this production.

    In closing, as a court watcher, What I have witnessed is wrong, Families and children have NO Voice in the venue to be heard !
    Families are judged by past history of no relevance !
    Families are accused, threatened, and destroyed !
    No accountability is ever held to anyone who has lied, falsified documents or has committed perjury under sworn oath .

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