WANTED……for corruption…..of families


Wanted…. For Destruction…. Of Families

Robin K Jensen and Brena Slater

Name/ Position: Robin K Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002, Name/ Position: Brena Slater, Department of Children and Families, Operations Manager, Suncoast Region
Wanted: For Destroying my Family.

Another day where I do not hear her calling to me….morning Dada, another day not sharing breakfast of pamcakes, another day of not going workin, walking into the store and not having a little on to put in the cart, another day where I see the empty swing blowing in the yard, another day I can not sit at the dinner table where we held hands and she said pray Dada, and then mor, mor, mor while our food grew cold, another day not reading clues clues (blues clues) to her a dozen times, another day without her running to me in Dora jammies and smelling like baby shampoo, another day with no lub you night night, another day walking around empty inside except for the burning ache in my heart.

Reward: $10,000 to any Social Worker who comes forward with any information of inappropriate behavior on the part of anyone associated with my case that lead to the return of Dulce and Leslie. 

We do not advocate violence in any form we are only seeking information.

Contact us today: wantedforcorruption@gmail.com

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  • Glen Gibellina

    WLYB….The Family Court in the 12 Circuit needs to be dismantled and banned the “good old boyz” from ever practicing in Family Court again. These money hungry high conflict attorneys need to put the practice of destroying family’s to better use, like representing inmates on death row.

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