Travis Lipp Credit Card Scam Of Tampa Florida

November 16, 2016

Elliot Management Group

Attention: Retention Department

300 Burnett St

Suite 400

Fort Worth Tx 76102

Dear Elliot Management Group:

We are writing this letter to inform you that we wish to have our account reference #——- closed at once, upon the receipt of this letter.  Please see the following reasons that we feel that we have to close the account and expect it to be closed without the $495.00 closing fee.


First I would like to say that I take responsibility for not doing my due diligence on your company. After the problems began I started looking closer at the company and have found that there are more complaints than I could possibly ever read online, many of them dealing with the same issues that I have. It is quite scary.

This is a direct quote from card payment options Based on merchant complaints, it appears that agents are either poorly trained in the terms and conditions of Eliot’s merchant account agreement or are encouraged to omit important details during the account setup process. This is evidenced by numerous merchant reports claiming surprise over fees and service commitments, and complaints of misleading sales tactics. At minimum, the complaints suggest a lack of oversight that allows many agents to engage in deceptive sales practices. It also appears that Eliot often enforces the contracts even when merchants claim that an agent misled them.

I first met with Travis Lipp ( 813-417-6221 )and told him I would have to think about the service due to a crazy schedule I did not sign up until months later. I finally signed up in August and registered the service to use in September.

I first used this service in September 2016. I immediately had issues with the funds not being deposited into our account. I called numerous times and not one customer service representative could explain why I was receiving partial payments and every single charge was flagged, in fact they seemed really puzzled. After waiting for a supervisor to call, and becoming even more concerned I called again since the time period for the supervisor to call had come and gone with no call. I did receive the funds but was shocked at all the charges.

When I was told of all of the charges I was quite upset, I called Mr. Lipp my representative over a dozen times without a single return call. I called your company asking for assistance and was told it was in the contract, a contract that I had not received. I ask for a supervisor call which I did not receive and a copy of the contract which I did receive.

Upon receiving the contract I was shocked, the contract I signed had two pages this one had four. Upon further investigation I noticed one page was numbered five and yet I only have four pages, so at this time I still have not even received all of the pages.  There is obviously discrepancy so I once again called customer service in which the operator said I need a supervisor. I could only laugh at that statement.

The contract was dated in June, I did not have an account with you until August, the date written in a handwriting not mine. I was listed as an owner, I am not the owner as I have stated, I am a managing partner, this is a corporation. It said that I am 100% owner which is completely untrue. I noticed the average ticket listed as $100. The store is quite small and many items are only a dollar, my average sale is closer to $20.00. Once again not my writing and in a completely different pen.

There are numerous areas where a different ink pen was used and things crossed out and written concerning percentages and such. With all of the different writing and ink I was shocked to say the least.

I immediately called for help with all of these contract issues and was told, a supervisor would call. I thought for sure your company would be as concerned as I was considering the person representing you was committing what I consider fraud, a different contract, items added and changed in other inks and a very clear different hand writing. I ask to immediately close the account. Was told I would get a call for sure this time. Plus it was $495, to close a fraudulent account. No help and what seemed to be no concern which leads me to believe that you either accept this behavior, encourage it to make a profit, or just plain do not care.

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