The State Of Florida Is Kidnapping Children

By 12-10-13 By
Raquel Okyay

The state of Florida has a Republican governor, Republican AG, Republican controlled legislature, what good has it done? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

The Florida GOP are hypocrites. They have grown government dramatically, added intrusive, communist-type (without expiration date) laws to the rolls.

AG Bondi has simply forgotten what the Constitution means even though she pretends to support it. In fact, I have compelling evidence to show that Bondi is directing her police force and department of children and families to literally kidnap children from loving homes.

Is this a serious accusation? Yes of course it is. It’s a serious crime to steal children and it’s about time someone with power does something to STOP it. So far Bondi has failed to step-up to the plate, unfortunately.

The state of Florida is kidnapping children because the more children they have in state custody the more federal dollars are handed over to them. They use “excess” funds to balance the budget. So in other words, it’s more important to break up families and destroy lives to make money, than to actually protect children.

AG Bondi



“Each child in the state of Florida has a bounty on their head.” ~ former guardian ad litem volunteer


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  • I heard about some cases of this several years ago. I am looking for the page again. The gop and the dems are all the same. It is all a puppet show. I want to warn parents : do not trust the government!

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