The State Of Florida Is Child Trafficking Children For Money?

By: Randy Kluge

Calling all Whistleblowers who work for the Florida Dept. of Children and Families, Child Protective Services and the Guardian ad Litem program.


Enough is enough.  The State of Florida is child trafficking children for money.  They do not care about safety, the law, or family rights.  All they care about is the money.

This is how it works.  They take our children away from parents for anything.  Your house is a mess.  Your children have special needs.  Or, you decide to home school.


One way or another they will try to take your children.  All it takes is one anonymous 911 call to the abuse hotline and the Dept. of Children and Families will swoop in and take your kids.

Once your child or children is in foster care, they dangle them like carrots.  They force parents into so-called “safety plans” forcing them to take parenting courses, drug rehab, psycho analysis testing, and the list goes on and on.


All of this is funded by federal tax payer dollars.  The Dept. of stealing children together with their cohorts in the Guardian’s offices are using children to make money.

I know. I know.  It is difficult to imagine.  But trust us.  We know.  It has happened to so many families, no one is exempt.  Your family can be next.


That is why we are calling on the workers for the Department of Children and Families, Child Protective Services, or the Guardian ad Litem program to contact us.

We are starting a new media campaign to end this corruption that breaks up families and hurts children beyond your imagination.

Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott will do nothing to help us.  We have tried, over and over, to get them to conduct an investigation into this important matter.  They do nothing.

Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott

Why?  They are permitting county government to absorb excess funds collected for foster care children to balance county budgets.

Do you get the picture?  The State of Florida has become so accustomed in receiving federal funds for so called abused and neglected children, that without the constant flow of federal dollars, they would not be able to balance their budgets.

Please.  We are begging that you come clean.  Save the children, for real.  Be a whistleblower.  Look at your conscience.  You know what they do.  They steal children for money.

It does not get more corrupt than this.  We need your help.  Please email Sarasota Crooked Lawyers with your comments and/or suggestions.  Your help is imperative in so that we stop the government from breaking up families and destroying lives.


Randy Kluge



By: Randy Kluge




6 comments to The State Of Florida Is Child Trafficking Children For Money?

  • Conservative Woman

    Amen! Please help us. The abuse toward children is unending. And, the politicians don’t care. It’s us against them. Save the children of Florida, by joining us.

  • My center is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack.
    Ferdinand Foch

  • These agencies are out of control all over the United States and they need to be overhauled. Title IV funding is killing all our families. Parents are the Best Protectors of their Children. If this was not the case, we would have disappeared as a species millions of years ago. No amount of money or even best intentions can substitute those forces of nature that make Parents sacrifice everything, even their lives for their Children. Florida Department of Children and Families’ records on foster children taking psychiatric drugs raise doubts. Drug them before we sell them Now, to believe that they could care about strangers’ Children more than their Natural Protectors, their Parents, demands a leap of faith beyond normal mental processes. They seem to have eventually believed their own deceptions.

  • Why would it end there, spice it up with a little sex.
    DCF Examining Group Homes After Sex Trafficking

    Margie Menzel, The News Service of Florida

    Florida child welfare officials are on the defensive this week after revelations that children in taxpayer-financed group homes are falling prey to sex traffickers.

    Miami-Dade police last week arrested four alleged pimps in an ongoing investigation of the exploitation of abused and neglected children in foster care, the Miami Herald reported last week. On Sunday, the Herald broke news of a similar set-up in Jacksonville.

    In South Florida, authorities said the four men lured teenage girls into prostitution, plying them with money, gifts and personal attention. Starting in January 2011, members of the ring would arrange for the girls to have sex at a building in Homestead. The men collected the proceeds and paid the girls 40 percent. In the Jacksonville case, the teen was advertised in In both cases, the alleged pimps also used teens as recruiters, police say.

    Joe Follick, spokesman for the Florida Department of Children and Families, which oversees children in state custody, said the group homes are subcontractors that don’t report directly to DCF.

    “There is not a department employee specifically involved in these children’s lives,” Follick said. “We contract the care of foster children in the state to community groups who then often subcontract that work out too, whether it be group homes or case management organizations that work with these children.”

    Robin Hassler Thompson, an expert in human trafficking at Florida State University’s Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, said it’s disturbing that such crimes could happen right under the noses of so many caregivers.

    “These are children who are being raped,” she said. “So both the pimps and also the johns – the people who are buying sex with these children — are raping them. It’s that simple.”

    Florida is generally considered to be the third-ranked state in the U.S. for the prevalence of human trafficking. That’s due to the many opportunities for trafficking to flourish – the large numbers of service jobs, the agricultural operations that attract migrant workers, the high transience rate, the presence of the sex industry in large cities, and the hotels and restaurants catering to the tourist trade.

    Both sex trafficking and labor trafficking are mostly invisible to the untrained eye, said Hassler Thompson, which is all the more reason for caregivers to have proper training and awareness of such crimes.

    Follick said as soon as DCF heard reports of trafficking in the group homes, the agency took action.

    “Obviously we are ultimately responsible,” he said. “But one of the things that I think we have learned from this lesson is the importance of communication in training all the way down, not just at the department but through the people that we pay to take care of these children.”

    Hassler Thompson credited DCF for having implemented training five or six years ago, under then-Secretary George Sheldon.

    “They implemented training department-wide, including hotline workers and child protective investigators,” she said. “DCF has been doing probably more than other state agencies where this issue of human trafficking comes to light…So, on the one hand, I think DCF has been doing a good job and being prepared. On the other hand, it’s clear that a lot more has to be done.”

    Among those arrested, ironically, was a DCF child abuse investigator, 46-year-old Jean LaCroix, for having sex with a teen in foster care. LaCroix was arrested Saturday and charged with five counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

    “What is the level of accountability for the people who are getting state money and who are providing this kind of supervision?” asked Hassler Thompson. “There has to be some level of accountability because it is so prevalent, we can’t ignore it.”

    Follick says DCF is reviewing all aspects of its group homes and recruiting more foster parents to reduce the need for them.

    “The arrest last week highlighted an awful problem, but what would make it worse is if we didn’t do anything. And we’re not going to let that happen. We’re going to examine this, we’re not going to shy away from it, and we’re going to do everything we can to help every child in group care.”

    Fran Allegra, the CEO of Our Kids, Inc., which oversees foster care and adoption services in Miami-Dade – including one of the group homes in question – said in a statement that her agency’s intervention nearly a year ago led to the larger investigation and ultimate arrest.

    “Sadly, as evidenced by daily headlines, this is a terrible, chronic and pervasive issue that affects children here and across the country, she said. “Predators will stop at nothing to seek out and find youth to prey on where ever they are…The problem of prostitution in and of itself is very difficult to solve.” Allegra noted that the teens “are victims and we must do everything possible to protect their privacy.”

  • Actof Courage

    WLYB………Our Family Courts are unrecognizable. A bill that would have guaranteed our US and Florida Constitutional rights has failed. Sharia Law now in Florida Family Courts. Our legislators are misguided by Sharia law. Any Judge that follows this practice should step down from the bench. Corruption continues in Florida’s Family Courts. A controversial bill that critics say is rooted in anti-Sharia legislation and proponents say ensures U.S. and Florida rights are guaranteed in court has definitely been killed this session. It’s the third year the bill failed — it called for American law to trump foreign law that isn’t constitutional in family courts in Florida.–foreign-law-in-florida-courts-dies-on-last/2118973

  • Actof Courage

    WLYB..Glen Gibellina at the Manatee County School board meeting reading the school boards legal opinion on the Constitutional right to have lunch with your child. It stuns the intelligence of any parent that this school board backs sure a policy as they brainwash our children and can’t account for attendance. I wish I could of got all 3 minutes for you, it was a wake up call to the board. My mission, dismantle the school board for such practices.
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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