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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

My movie, The Coverup, will be airing again Sunday, March 31 at 6 AM Eastern time on Lifetime Movie Network. For those who would like to purchase a copy, you may do so by using the following link:

I made the movie in the hopes that the police officers responsible for the death of Kevin Thacker and the ensuing cover-up by the police and the FBI, would result in a grand jury indictment. However, Nicholas Klinefeldt, the assistant United States attorney general for the Southern District of Iowa; Tom Miller, the Atty. Gen. of Iowa; and Jennifer Miller, the county attorney for Marshall County, Iowa, have to date lacked the courage and professionalism to do what is right and convene a grand jury. When you see the movie you will understand why these police officers need to be indicted and pay for their crimes.


Very truly yours,

Atty Stu Pepper


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