Governor Rick Scott Why our Are Children Being Used For Research?

I am not a research subject I am a child

I was online and came across this DCF article that goes into the correct procedures to use our children as human research subjects, even to manipulate the environment they are in,

I need to know, we the human race needs to know why […]


Need For A Search Warrant Trips Social Workers

Ohio authorities not aware of Fourth Amendment protections

Erie County, OH, A home schooling family has settled its case against Erie County social workers and Vermilion police for the coerced entry into the family’s home on Feb. 21, 2001.

Courts have settled this key issue in other jurisdictions, and now its […]


Crooked DCF Attorneys in the news again.

Robin K Jensen Sarasota, Florida  is this your friend? Crooked DCF Attorneys in the news again. No surprise right Jensen?

Jensen I wish you would go back to Ventura,CA or Ogden, UT for crooked Lawyers are not wanted in Florida, sorry CA and UT.

For starters never believe ANYTHING DCF tells you for 80% of […]


Judge James Parker of Arcadia FL

Judge James Parker of  Arcadia, FL has no problems with taking children from an illegal immigrant mother that has developed mental disease.  The Judge has wrecked the lives of the mother and her children — stealing her children from her when her mental state is diminished, convening hearings that decide the fate of her […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF Word Has It On The Street You Are Running For Political Office.

Robin Jensen — word has it on the street you are running for political office.  Well that would make sense! I bet you run for office on the platform that you are solving issues Desoto County faces with illegal residents and helping to place their children in good, legal homes.  Where I am from we […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota Feels Free To Do What She Wants?


Chapter 4 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

No wonder Robin Jensen Sarasota  Feels Free To Do What She Wants.Robin Jensen of Sarasota can get away with her false statements because there are no consequences.

Read what I found out on the Internet.

Excerpts from the […]


Lets stop the corruption in Arcadia FL. Judge James Parker





I seen this a couple of months ago I could not  believe all  Judge James Parker of Arcadia FL has done.Lets stop the corruption in Arcadia FL.

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do […]