Florida: 3-Way Sex Cop busted

http://drrichswier.com/2014/03/30/florida-3-way-sex-cop-busted/ Mayor Jim Blucher, North Port City Commission Seat # 4

The message of North Port Chief of Police Kevin Vespia states, “Our citizens expect and deserve that their police officers will act with honor and integrity at all times.” Well it seems they are not, not by any stretch of the imagination. The City […]


Removal Of DCF Supervisor Lisa Voigt Venice Florida Petition

Target: David Wilkins dcf-osc@dcf.state.fl.us Sponsored by: Randy Kluge And Concerned Parents


This is a petition requesting the removal of DCF-supervisor Lisa Voigt from her position working with Department Children and Families in any position. She has flaunted the laws, allowed false reports to stand, abused the color of law and completely disregarded constitutional rights. […]


NORTH PORT, FL Another Reason Not To Own Property

  Who said you can’t beat City Hall?Posted on July 16, 2011 by US AGAINST CITY of NORTH PORT FLORIDA



The process used by the City of North Port to clear/clean our culverts  had a collateral effect of eroding our driveway foundation. According to our original survey, the swales were constructed on the […]


North Port Florida Corruption Letter

Robinson Makes a Bundle North Port Corruption Letter




Mr. Robinson’s FIRM makes $1,000,000 a year from the City. He will then seize your property, paid for is the plum, and sell it for HIS LEGAL FEES! A life time of work for […]


North Port Corruption Destroys Families

  Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you are thinking of buying property in the City of North Port, Florida watch these video interviews of property owners first.








Here are links to interviews with some of the North Port Victims with MORE TO COME:

Father Stanley’s Nightmare with […]


Foster Child Sexual Abuse – Lawsuit Filed Sarasota Regarding Allegations Of Abuse To North Port Child

Jonathan Lewis North Port City Manager

The mother a former foster child has filed a law suit against the state and other child care providers who she believes is responsible for the alleged sexual abuse committed against her son. The lawsuit, filed in April 2011, accuses the Department of Children and Families and […]


City Of North Port Fl Paying $160 An Hour To Gather Paperwork?

Public records may be public but they’re not necessarily cheap.

I read a story in the The Herald-Tribune that said they had just paid $800 for records concerning the arbitration case of Nadia Kashitskaya, the North Port 911 operator who was fired for failing to send help to a crash victim.

The newspaper […]