Effingham Illinois DCFS Stole A Year Of My Son’s Life


Effingham, Illinois

    Hello, my name is Shannon (Thompson) Black. My story started back in Feb 2010, when my 12 year old son (at that time) drew a stick figure drawing at the alternative school he was attending in Effingham, Illinois. It’s a small safe school he was attending to receive […]


Chief Kevin Vespia City Of North Port Florida Needs A Refresher Course On The Bill Of Rights

Chief Kevin Vespia City Of North Port Florida Needs A Refresher Course On The Bill Of Rights Chief Kevin Vespia I was told today that I can not use Robin K Jensen’s name in my blogs. What happen to freedom of speech? You know the 1st amendment? Does anyone remember what it says? […]


HOUSTON – Child Protective Services Is Being Ordered To Stay Away From A Child

Mother accuses CPS of neglecting child

by Jeremy Desel / KHOU 11 News


Posted on September 29, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Updated yesterday at 12:21 AM


HOUSTON – Child Protective Services is being ordered to stay away from a child, due to what happened to the girl while she […]


Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Our goal is to never see what happened to us happen to anyone else ever again. DCF is not out to protect children, they are there to collect federal dollars and they collect a lot of them. Destroying families means nothing to them, money is what counts. The more […]


Is Governor Rick Scott Playing Ostrich?

Archive Spam Delete Move to Inbox Labels More 1 of 147 DCF Reply |randy kluge to Governor, SR_C12_Client_. show details 4:05 PM (23 hours ago) On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 1:35 PM, SR_C12_Client_Relations wrote: To: Randy Kluge

Dear Mr. Kluge:

We are in receipt of your recent e-mail to Governor Rick Scott. I […]


Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

How I met Dulce.

Across various parts of Florida, children are being taken from their families unfairly because of certain corrupt employees inside of DCF (Department of Children and Family). Dulce and her families are victims of this corruption.

I first met Dulce because she and her mother were renting a house that I rented to […]


Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

I have to say that I had become very discouraged by the judicial and political system in the United States. In fact I have to say I was ashamed of my country, a country I had always loved and defended to others.

A friend […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia Fl.

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James S Parker Arcadia Fl. this link below reminds me of you.

I found these comments at the bottom of the articale very interesting

Is this Judge S James Parker?f you.

reminds me of Robin

Jensen Sarasota and Judge  James S Parker Arcadia Fl:




I […]


Judge James Parker of Arcadia FL

Judge James Parker of  Arcadia, FL has no problems with taking children from an illegal immigrant mother that has developed mental disease.  The Judge has wrecked the lives of the mother and her children — stealing her children from her when her mental state is diminished, convening hearings that decide the fate of her […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF Word Has It On The Street You Are Running For Political Office.

Robin Jensen — word has it on the street you are running for political office.  Well that would make sense! I bet you run for office on the platform that you are solving issues Desoto County faces with illegal residents and helping to place their children in good, legal homes.  Where I am from we […]