The State Of Florida Is Child Trafficking Children For Money?

By: Randy Kluge

Calling all Whistleblowers who work for the Florida Dept. of Children and Families, Child Protective Services and the Guardian ad Litem program.


Enough is enough.  The State of Florida is child trafficking children for money.  They do not care about safety, the law, […]


Florida Department of Children and Families Is Headed By Attorney General Pam Bondi

If you have children get the heck out of Florida!

The idea behind child protection is a good one.  Sometimes children are at risk of harm even by their own parents.  What may have begun as a task to protect children has developed into a task to take children.

The reason the state […]


Who’s The Real Kidnapper?

After childhood abuse led Lisa Miller into a dysfunctional life of multiple addictions and homosexuality, at long last, by the grace of God, she found the Christian faith, freedom from her former bondage and real hope.

She left behind the lesbian lifestyle in which she had lived as “spouse” to another woman in a […]




How do you react when Social Services, the likes of JULIE RIGGINS, SAUNDRA JUDD, NIKKIE LYONS, JOHN GUSTAVSON, BACCUHUS CARVER, or whatever their name(s) take your children or threaten to take your children? And how do you react when the so-called Family Court System with all its power and corruption, the likes of JUDGE LORI CHRISTIAN, JUDGE MONICA BOUSMAN, ATTORNEY SUSAN VICK, ATTORNEY AL […]


Governor Rick Scott Which man are you going to be the man that stands up or the man who allows evil to prosper?

Rick Scott,   Department of Children and Families–DCF has devastated and destroyed hundreds of thousands of families in America, leaving a trail of broken hearts, broken dreams, and shattered childhoods.

Rather than helping families, government agents have used unconstitutional laws  to rip children away from their loving parents, break asunder God-given, natural, parent-child bonds, […]


Robin Jensen, Making Profits From Children’s suffering?

Private foster care adds profit to mix of helping children

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By KATHLEEN CHAPMAN Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Compassion is meeting capitalism as big companies move into the business of caring for children and the poor in Florida.

Since the state privatized its foster-care system, it has […]