WANTED……for corruption…..of families


Wanted…. For Destruction…. Of Families Robin K Jensen and Brena Slater Name/ Position: Robin K Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002, Name/ Position: Brena Slater, Department of Children and Families, Operations Manager, Suncoast Region Wanted: For Destroying my Family.

Another day where I do not hear […]


Follow The Trail Of Corruption In Department Of Children And Families

They party, my family cries because of their lies.

Follow the trail of corruption, fear, or simply uncaring with Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Desoto County, the 12th Circuit court in Arcadia Florida, The Gaurdian Ad Litem, Safe Children Coalition.

They party, my family cries because of their lies.

How sad that not only are you harassed by those in powered, […]


Is Governor Rick Scott Playing Ostrich?

Archive Spam Delete Move to Inbox Labels More 1 of 147 DCF Reply |randy kluge to Governor, SR_C12_Client_. show details 4:05 PM (23 hours ago) On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 1:35 PM, SR_C12_Client_Relations wrote: To: Randy Kluge

Dear Mr. Kluge:

We are in receipt of your recent e-mail to Governor Rick Scott. I […]


Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

How I met Dulce.

Across various parts of Florida, children are being taken from their families unfairly because of certain corrupt employees inside of DCF (Department of Children and Family). Dulce and her families are victims of this corruption.

I first met Dulce because she and her mother were renting a house that I rented to […]


“Absolute POWER corrupts absolutely”Pattern Of DCF Lies And Corruption.

How can so many people be wrong? Do you not see a pattern here? Take a look at the comments on this story,  Department Childrens and Families  lies, lies, and more lies. Robin Jensen K Sarasota are you a crooked lawyer or just power hungry?


DCF workers would never lie now would they? “Absolute POWER […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota Stop Making False Statements.

Robin Jensen, Sarasota DCF, it is time to do what is right.  Return Dulce and Leslie to her families and stop the false investigations against me. Stop wasting tax payer money. There is nothing there and you know it. Please stop making false statements in court. Go see for yourself how traumatic it is […]


Robin Jensen sent DCF,How Much Does Her Renegade Behavior Cost The Tax Payers?

Today, 6-19-11, it has been 2 months since Robin Jensen sent DCF to take Dulce away from me.  She failed the first attempt because the DCF employee didn’t think removing her was appropriate.  I hurt today as much as when DCF took Dulce 2 months ago. I miss you and love you so much […]


Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker Not Upholding Your Duties To The Public.

Kangroo court at its best.

Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker –you have been elected or hired into your positions to serve the public and do what is right and fair.  You are not upholding your duties to the public.  You have abducted the mother of Dulce and Leslie, cutting her off completely […]


Robin Jensen was up to her no good dirty tricks with DCF?

On June 2, 2o11, after receiving a notice of hearing, we appeared in court on the State’s Motion to terminate a participant in Dulce’s case.  When looking through the court appearance papers, I saw that Robin Jensen was up to her no good dirty tricks with DCF.  Here are two errors in the document that […]


Honest DCF Employees

Yes, there are some honest employees working for DCF (Department of Children and Family).  Here’s one we found and her story.

On March 29, 2011, Michelle Rosell, a social worker with DCF (Department of Children and Families), came to our house. During this visit, Michelle Rosell asked, ” Why do you have this child?” (Dulce)

My wife’s […]