HHS Awards $35 Million to States for Increasing Adoptions



How much are your children worth?

This is an article I found interesting, I know it is from 2009, I am looking for something newer, feel free to link me newer stats.

Could you imagine how much families could benefit if instead of adoption intensives […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota are you leading this DCF?

Robin K Jensen Sarasota Florida are you leading this DCF? sounds like you.Profit?Profit? Take as many children as you can for a profit. Stock goes up when DCF takes more children. 

Read the comments below the story and the story it self  how for some sick reason DCF likes to adopt out children instead of  keeping […]


Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Our goal is to never see what happened to us happen to anyone else ever again. DCF is not out to protect children, they are there to collect federal dollars and they collect a lot of them. Destroying families means nothing to them, money is what counts. The more […]


Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

How I met Dulce.

Across various parts of Florida, children are being taken from their families unfairly because of certain corrupt employees inside of DCF (Department of Children and Family). Dulce and her families are victims of this corruption.

I first met Dulce because she and her mother were renting a house that I rented to […]


Robin Jensen Are You Kidnapping Children?

Robin K Jensen

Robin K Jensen Crooked Lawyer of Sarasota FL  its time to blow the whistle on Jensen?

Jensen is there a line on your tax returns for income from stolen babys? Almost like a rental income? I will ask my CPA.

Floirida Whistleblowers Act


In criminal law, kidnapping is the […]


“Absolute POWER corrupts absolutely”Pattern Of DCF Lies And Corruption.

How can so many people be wrong? Do you not see a pattern here? Take a look at the comments on this story,  Department Childrens and Families  lies, lies, and more lies. Robin Jensen K Sarasota are you a crooked lawyer or just power hungry?


DCF workers would never lie now would they? “Absolute POWER […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia Fl.

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James S Parker Arcadia Fl. this link below reminds me of you.

I found these comments at the bottom of the articale very interesting

Is this Judge S James Parker?f you.

reminds me of Robin

Jensen Sarasota and Judge  James S Parker Arcadia Fl:




I […]


Is it better to “err on the side of a child” Robin Jensen Sarasota?

Is it better to “err on the side of a child” Robin Jensen? 

MYTH: They will make the same false claim by arguing that taking away the child “when in doubt” is “erring on the side of the child.”

FACT: In fact, there probably is no phrase in the child welfare lexicon that has […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker arcadia

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia  need to learn how to respect power — not abuse it. Robin Jensen and James Parker are power hungry, and abusing the power with which they have been trusted by the citizens of DeSoto County.

I found out on Friday 6-10-11 that the report falsely accusing me […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota Feels Free To Do What She Wants?


Chapter 4 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

No wonder Robin Jensen Sarasota  Feels Free To Do What She Wants.Robin Jensen of Sarasota can get away with her false statements because there are no consequences.

Read what I found out on the Internet.

Excerpts from the […]