Number of children in foster care went up 25% in Robin Jensen area.




I thought you might be interested in this link by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform , , showing how much damage is done to our children in the fostercare system:comparing the trama to kidnapping and PTSS. You will notice that the number of children went up […]


Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker Not Upholding Your Duties To The Public.

Kangroo court at its best.

Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker –you have been elected or hired into your positions to serve the public and do what is right and fair.  You are not upholding your duties to the public.  You have abducted the mother of Dulce and Leslie, cutting her off completely […]


Florida DCF Employees: Time to blow the whistle on dishonest Employees.

Have you had bad experiences with dishonest employees and lawyers within your organization?  Now is the time to blow the whistle on corrupt behaviors. Learn how you are protected with the Whistleblowers Act on the following website:

Join other Florida DCF Employees to blow whistle on dishonest Jensen and social workers  within your organization.

“The world […]