Stop Child Protective Services From Wrongfully Taking Kids

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Kevin Kulman

COUNTLESS INNOCENT KIDS AND FAMILIES are victims to CPS’ corrupt power. CPS neglects to do proper investigations before removing a child. And when in shelter or foster care, they refuse to act when the child is being abused or hurt. Countless amounts of children are legally kidnapped over nothing […]


Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

William Reddie, a 32-year-old single father from Michigan, was shot and killed as local Child Protective Services (CPS) officials and police officers attempted to remove his 3-year-old son from the home.

An anonymous tipster claiming that Reddie had marijuana in the home set off […]


Family Court Corruption And To Abolish Title IV-D Funding From States To Have Incentives To Illegally Courtnap Children, CPS Corruption, Judicial Corruption

This is an outrage, as nobody has to account for these funds and how they are spent. Second, there are numerous accounts from all over the United States about CPS taking children into custody and adopting them out for the incentive funds which range from $4,000 to $8,000 a child.  

This is […]


Can Parents Win in Court Against CPS?


Manda Spring

Manda Spring is a published author of books, screenplays, advertisements, and articles (in print magazines and online).

As parent’s we have a lot of responsibilities to our children. We are responsible for the way they grow up, the type of person they become and all of the disciplinary […]


“Power Tends To Corrupt, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” Lord Acton

California Statesman: A We Are 1776 Column

By Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks, California)

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”- Lord Acton

There are few cases that show the truth in this proverb as clearly as when Child Protective Services (CPS) tears a baby from his loving mother’s arms without a […]


Request for help and support.

Sometimes we  need someone to listen, sometimes we need support of others who have been in our shoes, sometimes we need someone to point us in the right direction or offer encouragement. If you have been a victim of any Social or Human Services, DHS, DCF, HRS, ect., victim of a bias and […]



April 3 · Started by Deborah Parks It is time for an intervention. Time to STOP IT NOW, all of the stealing of children, the forced adoptions, everything that was signed by mothers under duress and pressure with the threat that they will NEVER SEE THEIR CHILDREN AGAIN! 

How cruel can people who […]


Petitioning Tennessee Department of Child Services

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Tennessee Department of Child Services

by Celeste Brodeur Clarksville, TN


Tennessee DCS Administrative policy 14.13, entitled Confidentiality of Child Protective Services Cases – NEEDS TO BE CHANGED to remove DCS’ shroud of secrecy which they claim is to protect the family’s privacy, but which […]


Sarasota Florida DCF Violation Of My Constitutional Rights

I have a request to all of the corrupt DCF workers and other agency that where involved in the violation of my constitutional rights to be a father.



1 Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF Lawyer

2 Brena Slater Sarasota DCF

3 Laura Adams, an employee at the Lutheran Services



Family services corruption?


Thousands of families have been separated and traumatized by an agency whose original intent was designed to protect family integrity.

Today, the Department of Social Services, or otherwise known as DCF, CPS, Etc. has so much power over private family life, that even the Court systems are having trouble controlling their actions.

How much […]