Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002

Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002, how long before the lies started and you broke up families for no reason?   Jensen you have a power full  position. I know you can do good works and help children if you chose too. I sat in the […]


Robin Jensen, Making Profits From Children’s suffering?

Private foster care adds profit to mix of helping children

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By KATHLEEN CHAPMAN Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Compassion is meeting capitalism as big companies move into the business of caring for children and the poor in Florida.

Since the state privatized its foster-care system, it has […]


DCF Florida Robin Jensen take the polygraph test.

Robin Jensen right



Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF and other agency time to be honest and no more lies. Corrupt DCF Kidnappers, I have a request to all of the corrupt DCF workers and other agency that where involved in the kidnapping of my daughters “Dulce and Leslie” Case. My Request is […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF Word Has It On The Street You Are Running For Political Office.

Robin Jensen — word has it on the street you are running for political office.  Well that would make sense! I bet you run for office on the platform that you are solving issues Desoto County faces with illegal residents and helping to place their children in good, legal homes.  Where I am from we […]