Robin Jensen Why in the world would she work so hard to destroy families?

Robin K Jensen is very blessed to have a husband, Erik Jensen, a child, employment with (DCF) Department Children and Families as an attorney in Sarasota Florida where she could have had a positive effect on thousands of families.

Robin K Jensen



Robin K Jensen owns a business: Dive Adventures LLC which has a location at 8803 Cortez Rd. W, Bradenton, FL 34210,  1 941.727.3483, (Active officers include Erik E Jensen and Robin Jensen. Dive Adventures LLC filed as a Florida Limited Liability on Monday, October 22, 2007 in the state of Florida and is currently active. Robin Jensen serves as the registered agent for this organization) that she obviously loves and gets wonderful benefits.

If Robin Jensen lies in court would she lie to get a sale?



I honestly can not figure out when someone is as blessed as Robin Jensen  why in the world would she work so hard to destroy families, I know she seemed to take great pleasure in ripping mine apart.

Just as I do not understand why bad things happen to good people, why the good die young, and why the innocent suffer. I do not understand Robin Jensen.


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  1. Vicki Lambou:

    Any predator should have the public outrage! I for one and shouting out against this predator’s attack against an innocent family….

    Back off Bitch!

  2. GN:

    I wonder if she has children… So many of these CPS workers have children of their own and then there are some that don’t…I wonder how they can wake up and go to bed with their child(ren) and not think how they just wrongfully took away someone’s child (ren) away and can go to bed knowing that each and every night…not to mention how hard these CPS workers fight against the parents who are trying to fight to get their children back. I wish I could have a few minutes with a CPS worker where they HAD TO answer my questions no matter what they were that way at least I could hear not comprehend but hear what these CPS workers had to say to my questions just so I could hear them say why they do the things they do and maybe get a reason why they do it…some CPS workers have broken pasts that consist of domestic violence, child abuse, etc. and a lot of these CPS workers take these past events to their current employment positions and they take it out on the male parents or the female parents and the chldren…the father parent because they may have had a terrible relationship with their father and though they never got their own father to pay for what he did to this CPS worker as a child the CPS will lash out on this one and therefo do so by takiis child, making him seem unfi, etc same could go for the female parents and as for the child(ren) they may put the child through or something like that a situation that they mightve been put through or something similar to make them selves feel better about their childhood, etc.. these CPS do not have any grasp on reality, no emotions, just vendettas, agendas, lse allegations, etc.. when they go to work everyday. I know I am currenty involved in a DYFS case matter where I am the victim and I have been railroaded by the system. I had since sought out legal representation to sue the state of NJ DYFS and they will settle.

  3. Glen Gibellina:

    WLYB“When one’s character begins to fall under suspicion and disfavor, how swift, then, is the work of disintegration and destruction”
    Mark Twain

  4. Shari Rincon:

    I have known robin personally for 16 years and she is a very moral and kind person. Enough said.

  5. Conservative Woman:

    CPS, DHS, and GALs should be ashamed of themselves working for child traffickers. Just because they determine a “potential” for injury, they think they own our children. There is always a potential for injury in any case. They swarm in “take the kids” go home and live their lives. They must know the destruction this does to families, especially the children caught up in this mess. God is watching. He is not pleased.

    Please stop the lying, begging and cheating to steal our children. Enough is enough. I’m asking each worker who reads this, speak out, quit, complain to your boss, tell your legislators! We are a country that respects life and families. Stealing children for just about any reason at all is vicious, and cruel. Turn from your evil ways, and God will forgive you.

    Anyone who does this to children are MONSTERS! I will pray for all of you.

  6. Conservative Woman:

    Enough said? Tell that to all the families she has destroyed, particularly the family in this article. Your friend must live a dual life, because she’s in court tearing apart families, for money. Lots of money, too much money, to be made in child trafficking in the State of Florida. It’s very sad, it’s unfortunate, and it’s a problem that has been created over years. It’s time for it to stop. If your friend cares about children, she should take that “morality” she has and use it for good. She can do it, if she wants to. CW

  7. Brooklyn Boy:

    Shari Rincon, is that how long you and Robin Jensen have had your lesbonic love affair and hatred of heterosexual parents and their children? Sixteen years of living your evil Satanic lie and not giving it a second thought to how evil you are! Hitler said “If you lie to the people long enough they will believe it as the truth!” No wonder you feel that Robin is moral!
    My advice to you is to watch the end of the movie “Raiders of The Lost Ark” right where the Nazi’s open up the Ark and the Spirit of The Lord inflicts so much horrific pain on them that their eyes bulge out of their sockets, the skin melts off of their faces and they scream in such pain that ultimately causes their quick death!
    Shari, my prayer for you and Robin is that you both come to terms with you evil and narcissistic lifestyle before the Spirit of The Lord comes down on the both of you and dispenses the kind of justice that makes the ending of “Raiders of The Lost Ark” seem like “child’s play”.

  8. Kevin Yarber:

    CPS worker xxx xxxx was hired by the Department of Human Services, because Defendant was in fact, acting under the authority or color of state law at the time these claims occurred, (see; O’Donnell v. Brown, 335 F.Supp. 2d 787, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 18976, (W.D. Mich. 2004)in that while in her official capacity as a social worker for,XXX XXX County Human Services her execution of, Department of Human Services’ “customs” and/or “policies” were the moving force behind her unconstitutional acts, and that personally, her individual unconstitutional acts violated the clearly established constitutional rights of Plaintiff XXX XXX of which a reasonable official would have known, Davis v. Scherer (1984). In addition, acting personally and individually she did act under the authority or color of state law when she acted in concert with other local officials, to deprive Plaintiff(s) rights and with included acts of racketeering. Her co-conspirators are including but not limited to, XXX XXX County Human Services social workers, their supervisors, county attorneys and others, causing harm to the Mr. Yarber and his minor offspring in effecting the deprivation of rights under Title 42 USC sec. 1983, Dennis v. Sparks (1980), and violated USC rights in doing so., Because no legal order, or Due Process by law to do so proves USC Rights were of fact violated, causing irreparable damages.

  9. Farooq:

    LEGAL TERRORISMFighting war against torserirts in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is a diversion to keep the citizens of the United States distracted about the terrorist psychopaths in the American Legal System.I have discovered that there is no access to the United States legal system for the middle class and poor of the United States. I came to these courts asking for justice and I left further injured. When I asked the legislature and the administrative system that is set up to oversee the legal system, I was sent a curt response that no laws or ethics had been violated. These administrative personnel have condoned the use of terror in our court system. The administrative personnel and/ or pathology personalities have colluded with the crooks of the system and have become supporters of terror (tools of the psychopath). Our courts have become tools for the wealthy to oppress the poor.I have recently discovered that there are administrative laws on the books of each state. Although these laws are not available to the public, you must have access to the legal search engines to find these laws. You will need to go to a law library and use the legal search engines to find the laws of your state.This is another aspect of terrorism, keep the rules secret, and run by a secret organization that is not monitored by public citizens.I am not an attorney and after I have seen what attorneys do, I would never become a part of this terrorist organization which support techniques of abuse used by pathological personalities. You must adhere to the rules of the crime boss to continue to practice law and if you decide to “spill the beans to the public”, you will fear physical and financial death.The terror system that I faced was family court. This court claims to assist families in the state break the state contract of marriage. They actually post the motto: “Helping the families of Florida”. While in reality, they are torturing and committing Florida families to a life of torture and grave danger; financially, physically and emotionally.I am unable to afford an attorney and the system wants me to go away and accept the crimes they have committed. This court system has caused complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an injury that many terrorist organizations skillfully employ to damage and keep the victim lifeless and quiet.The same occurs all over the nation. Our system of justice plays favorites; you are a favorite until the money runs out or if you have more money than the other spouse. Divorce to a personality disorder is war and there are disordered attorneys who also have no conscience. I hope that one day we will all be able to heal and join together to stop the legal torture of vulnerable citizens.Without a dispassionate and objective justice system based directly on the Constitution there can be no justice. Individuals must know they can have justice despite income or condition. Without these conditions being met no free market is possible. We provide tools for the accomplishment of this, the true justice, enacted by the people.As always: FOLLOW THE MONEY

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