Robin Jensen sent DCF,How Much Does Her Renegade Behavior Cost The Tax Payers?

Today, 6-19-11, it has been 2 months since Robin Jensen sent DCF to take Dulce away from me.  She failed the first attempt because the DCF employee didn’t think removing her was appropriate.  I hurt today as much as when DCF took Dulce 2 months ago. I miss you and love you so much Dulce. I fight every day for what is right — we will prevail.


Robin Jensen keeps coming up with false investigations against me — to save face for herself and Judge James Parker.  Twice they have dropped the investigations against me for lack of evidence and Jensen knows this.  Jensen is on her 3rd allegation that I know about, there could be more!  My question is how much does her renegade behavior cost the tax payers?  For seven months, they have flushed taxpayer dollars pursuing one bad allegation after another.



Happy Fathers Day to all fathers.





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