Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002

Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF has been licensed to practice law in FL since 2002, how long before the lies started and you broke up families for no reason?
Jensen you have a power full  position. I know you can do good works and help children if you chose too. I sat in the court room and watched you tear families apart with no emotion, no compassion and no thought to the pain you cause.
I have nothing against you personally,  I feel sorry for you for it appears you forgot what you were hired for. Was this job just a platform for you to move onto a more prestigious position, was it just a platform so that you could run for political office, was it a job to look good on your resume? What I have never seen was genuine care for families.
I do not feel that you have nothing against me personally as you have made it a witch hunt after me. You have made crazy accusations time and again to defame me in court and take away my civil liberties.
I did nothing wrong and I feel worse everyday, I told Dulce I would always be there for her I would never let her down. I  know it is out of my control because of corruption within DCF and because the power that is given to a few that are not held accountable.
 Jensen pretend for one minute that a DCF worker came to your home and took your children for no reason and every one lied. How would you feel ,that’s how I feel. Imagine watching your child scared and alone being driven away by strangers, while the DCF worker(Lisa) tells your family don’t worry she will get over it. Compassion? Care? Human emotions? I do not see it. Power and control yes I see it.
When I  ask Lisa Voigt  why the Dulce was being removed Lisa  said, I do not know the lawyers said to do it. That would be you Jensen, not the investigators, a lawyer. making decisions that rip families apart. Where were the home visits with the child? Where was the Guardian Ad Litem? Not checking on Dulce for seven months, not seeing us as a family, not checking on how we were making a mixed family work, not doing their job.
I wonder how Dulce is, does she miss her family, mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins? Does she miss the weekly family get together? Her culture? Does she still speak Spanish? Has she lost everything, family and culture? We lost a member of our family and there is a hole in our hearts, her aunt lost her sister, and her nieces all ripped away without a goodbye. But that doesn’t matter, Ms. Jensen, what matters is private run state foster care quotas, beautiful little babies to be adopted (is it easier to steal babies of illegal immigrants?) and your record and position.
I might never see Dulce and Leslie again. You might think this is just a waist of time and money, but if one family can be saved from your self righteousness then it is all worth it.
I know this is a long shot but take a few minutes to weigh the price of your success, families torn, children lost into the system, pain and sorrow. You can change, we can all change and make amends, do the right thing. I am trying everyday to do the right thing.

“The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do
anything about it”.
-Albert Einstein

Help us do something about evil and crooked Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker.

Randy 941-915-1046


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