Robin Jensen was up to her no good dirty tricks with DCF?

On June 2, 2o11, after receiving a notice of hearing, we appeared in court on the State’s Motion to terminate a participant in Dulce’s case.  When looking through the court appearance papers, I saw that Robin Jensen was up to her no good dirty tricks with DCF.  Here are two errors in the document that I believe Robin Jensen did on purpose: (1) she spelled Dulce’s name wrong and (2) she put Dulce’s birthday one day later.  I gave her a copy of Dulce’s birth certificate at the deposition, so she had the correct dates and spelling.

Robin Jensen did this with deceptive intent so that if we lost in court today, Dulce would have a hard time finding out later who her family and caregivers were during her first few years of life.

Robin Jensen DCF Lawyer

Dulce has a younger sister, Leslie,  seven months old  that I have been fighting for since October, 2010.  On the 9th of June, we will appear in court again for Leslie.  In Robin Jensen’s own words in the Summary of Proceedings, dated May17 th, she makes a statement about the interest of the child (Leslie): “The child was placed at birth at a foster home where she has bonded for the past seven months.”

But today in court, the fact that Dulce bonded with me as the only father she has known for 2 1/2 years, meant nothing to Robin Jensen.  It’s only one sided with Robin Jensen.  So my 2 1/2 years with Dulce is less important than seven months with foster parents.

I’m sorry Dulce that Robin Jensen, corrupt lawyer with DCF has devastated your life and my life.  I love you with all my heart and I miss you.  The fight is not over.  I will not stop fighting for you and your sister.

Now is the time Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF to do what is right.


DCF Florida Save Our Children

Life should be peaceful


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