Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker arcadia

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia  need to learn how to respect power — not abuse it. Robin Jensen and James Parker are power hungry, and abusing the power with which they have been trusted by the citizens of DeSoto County.

I found out on Friday 6-10-11 that the report falsely accusing me of abuse against Dulce and her mom has been dropped.  This is no surprise. Robin Jensen and Investigator Maria Trevino now have come up with some new false charge to accuse me of.  If you or I were to put in this many false reports — the police would start ignoring us. This is the third time they have alleged some sort of criminal accusation by me — none of them founded in any truth whatsoever.  Robin Jensen and Maria Trevino its time to do whats right — stop the false reports and return Dulce and Leslie to there family.
Randy 941-915-1046
DCF Florida Save Our Children

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