Request for help and support.

Sometimes we  need someone to listen, sometimes we need support of others who have been in our shoes, sometimes we need someone to point us in the right direction or offer encouragement. If you have been a victim of any Social or Human Services, DHS, DCF, HRS, ect., victim of a bias and unjust court, victim of a corrupt Judge, you will have found out that while you have friends and family who love and support you they just do not understand. That even when they want to believe you they still wonder just a bit, after all the government is there to protect our families.

If you need someone to talk to, if you want to connect with others that are VICTIMS, yes Victims of Human Services check out these facebook pages.


Take the time to like peoples post, leave comments on blogs and spread the news of our very corrupt government. We the people must be heard. We are powerful in numbers.We must support each other.Show your support today like and leave comments everywhere.

Thank you


Randy Kluge



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  • Nathalie wilson

    Allison Ogden
    Inez Peel
    Angela “Angie” Garst
    Ashlynn Taylor
    St. Augustine, Florida (St. Johns county)

    I had my FIVE month old baby and 2.5 year old taken from me right after Christmas 2013 because of suspected substance abuse (I am prescribed a benzodiazepine for anxiety issues, which I take as prescribed). No drug tests were court ordered, yet I took them anyway, always testing positive for the one benzo I am and have been prescribed for years. (did not take while pregnant) Allison, the DCF social worker, pretended to be my friend and genuinely worried for me. She called me every single day for 3 months to ask how things were (really gathering “evidence” by twisting my words and just outright lying.) Basically, I was given this ultimatum after over 4 months of run arounds, lies, and confusion. Divorce your husband, and give him sole custody, or they would take the children from both of us and put them in foster care bc my husband “allowed this POTENTIAL for abuse to occur in his presence”. No abuse has ever occurred. They are referring to FUTURE abuse! I am now divorced and not even allowed to call the daycare. The daycare director told me yesterday (even though I still have my parental rights) that since I did not have custody she did not have to speak with me. This is the daycare DCF reccomended, and by the time I’d done enough research to find they actually work for the DCF it was too late. Neither my husband, nor myself owned our children, they were owned by the state and placed in temporary custody of their father. The case was dismissed 3 days ago, but I have not received any paperwork. I had a court appointed attorney. For some reason DCF did not take the case to court until 3 months had passed. At the second court date it was dismissed. I would also be more than happy to assist you in anyway possible in your documentary. Some of the things I was accused of were beyond outrageous, some even impossible- such as delivering a baby addicted to heroin 12/22/13 (right about the time their investigation started, keep in mind at this time my son was just 5 months old! I quickly got dr records for myself and children to prove they were all lies. Please email me if you can, thank you.

  • I have been fighting sarasota children’s coalition for two years not failed any drug testing completed my case plan they forced me to divorce my husband put me thru 3 psychological evaluation nothing wrong with me still won’t return my children government agencies won’t help where is there justice

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