Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Professional Baby Brokers DCF Florida?

Our goal is to never see what happened to us happen to anyone else ever again. DCF is not out to protect children, they are there to collect federal dollars and they collect a lot of them. Destroying families means nothing to them, money is what counts. The more children they take, the more money they get.

DCF and the Family court system is an industry. They are in business to take children from loving homes and they are paid to do just that. They make thousands of dollars for every child they take. Once caught up in their system, your life can become a living hell!

DCF takes the children and then looks for something. DCF says they are there to help but they are there to take your children for money.

Every day in the USA families face false allegations of child abuse, and children are often unjustly ripped from their families and placed in foster homes. These families suffer trauma and depression in their attempts to be together again.

I choose to help families who have been torn apart by DCF false accusations, which are far too common these days. It is a travesty of justice, one I cannot silently ignore because I’ve felt the pain of false accusations made by a DCF caseworker, and resolved to try to prevent this injustice from continuing. I haven’t been able to stop it, but I am going to help families to fight DCF injustice system and get their children back.

Federal statistics show that children in foster homes are about ten times more likely to be abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally than children in their natural family homes. They are even more likely to be killed. A recent study concluded that foster children are more likely to have teen pregnancies and to become juvenile delinquents. The study said that children are better off when left with their natural families, even if those families have severe problems.

Social work should be a process of helping families resolve and recover from problems, not a process of tearing families apart forever and traumatizing children for life. This imbalance in the social work profession has been caused by federal legislation that gives financial incentives in the form of federal funding and social security reimbursements when children are torn from their homes and placed in foster homes.

Fourth Amendment:“

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized

I want your help to stop DCF abuse of power and to have a third party investigate DCF

Thank you Randy

941-915-1046 941-915-1046

DCF Florida save our children.

Robin Jensen Sarasota are you a Professional baby broker?


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  • kathryn cork

    On 6/23 I gave birth to my third son Kaiden Matthew, I’m a single mom and have two other boys ages 2y.o. and 5y.o., being forced on maternity leave I was locked in my home by myself for 6 weeks with just the kids and myself. However the 2 oldest children went to daycare from 6am-6pm. On 8/4/2011 I felt myself becoming withdrawn and alone so I called upon my babysitter and asked her to please take my children until I could get to the doctor for post partum, she did and I had sometime to recollect my thoughts. On 8/8/2011 I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with post partum and given medication. On 8/11/2011 (the day I planned on picking up my children) DCF showed up at my home and said they had an allegation. They asked me if I would be willing to let the kids stay at my “friends” home, for a couple of more days. Scared out of my mind I said yes.
    I tried to visit my children at my friends house because the investigator told me it would be okay, when I went to her house she stopped me at the door and would not let me see my children. She wouldn’t tell me if my newborn baby was okay or let me spend 10 minutes to latch him on to my breast. My “friend” had changed.
    I found out later, @ my shelter hearing on 8/21/2011, that my friend had called my ob/gyn and told him I had a knife in the kitchen threatening to kill my children. Keep in mind at the time this supposedly occured my children were in daycare, I did everything a responsible person does when they feel they are unable to care for their children at the moment however because I was diagnosed with post partum and the allegation it gave them probable cause. The judge saw everything I had done and said no the children can go home, that put me in a 7 month unshltered supervision position and a “friend” who can kiss my ass.
    By November I had completed everything in my case plan since 2 doctors not one but two gave me a clean bill of mental health. Is my case closed….NO…and I was told even though I am compliant they have no plans on letting it close till 6/18 when it was scheduled to be closed on 3/01.
    The reason, my babies father did not have child support ordered or visitation and since those subject were brought up in my dependency case that has to be dealt with until my case can close. However, even though DCF has admitted they have concerns with my now 8mth old child in the care of his father alone they can not say anything to the judge due to the fact they can not step into a family law matter even though the reason they are keeping my case open is for family law matters. They have taken a father who has only seen his son 3 times and even though a DNA test was done has not contributed one red cent to his son this whole time but they want to make sure he gets visitation. Hes going for 50/50 which takes his child support from 826.00 mthly to 216.00 mthly. Now hold on what happens to me and my family after this ends and 50/50 is ordered and he no longer visits with his child and I don’t have enough money to refile. What dcf told me was that wasn’t their problem. YEP! So I asked DCF if my children are not neglected abused or abandoned and they are keeping this case open to make sure I comply with visitation that is ordered quite frankly its not their job, on the other hand if they are keeping my case open because of their “concerns” about Kevin and visitation with his son then they need to close my case and open one up against him, failing to do so is an infringement against my constitutional rights.
    Someone please help me or direct me where I need to go.
    Thank You,
    Kathryn Cork

  • Adrienne

    l need a lawyer to help me fight for custody back of my children. i have been harrassed and caseworker was predudice. but no one wants to fight they just want me to play their game at my families expense so they have job security. all workers now involved state they dont believe there was any abuse yet no one will speak up to the judge infact the caseworker flat out lies underoath.. im broke is there anyone out there who can help me get my babies back by fighting not just complying because this whole case is hearsay and false allegations. fl dcf sucks and i want these people to lose their jobs so no other family ever has to go through this. no proof just lies. unbelievable the damage done for nothing. please help

  • It’s sad to know that parents don’t even have to do anything wrong. As cps has the 16 universal safety threats that they can write on court documents claiming this is the issue they saw with the parent and they do not have to provide proof. While the parent has no idea how to defend against these empty accusations.

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