Petitioning Esther Jacobo For Full Investigation Into DCF Florida

Dear Esther Jacobo:

Robin K. Jensen


Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter. I am sure after your review of this case, you will see a pattern of lies and manipulation on the part of Ms.Robin K. Jensen Lawyer for DCF in Sarasota Florida.

I also ask that you request the court tapes to listen first-hand how easily a Lawyer can manipulate their status to abuse citizens under the color of law. We are petitioning for a full investigating in this case.

Randy Kluge

DCF caught kidnapping


5 comments to Petitioning Esther Jacobo For Full Investigation Into DCF Florida

  • This is an international epidemic. The fleecing and destruction of the family unit for profit!

  • Lorraine Patterson

    When DCF gets half it’s funding from finding children dependent for any reason and all it needs is a Judges approval that no efforts were made to keep a family together; it becomes ripe for corruption and abuse and a source for funding for pysch evals. not needed in public education when special education teachers are capable of producing a same with accountability type plan without attorneys or court!

    • Hi Lorraine , I agree with you 100%. This happened in Colorado to in a mountain county…. Ironic it is that you have the same name of the family in Colo. That is exactly what happened. The child had gotten bitten by a ferret and child was taken for eminent danger by CPS. Coerced into signing treatment plan for failure. Abused by all the network providers, (woman’s health, and visits, These gatekeepers write negative information to feed to the court in its endeavor.When you catch them with their hands in the cookie jar, and can’t get a lawyer to represent you in court on the abuse; then something is wrong in this Reunification Plan of the state/Federal government….

  • This is international epidemic related not only for and by destroying the families as stealing children from their normal and loving parents but by many other ways. One of many other ways stealing -extorting homes, life savings from families with crimes being so intense and desperate that false imprisonments, attempts to injure and kill involve like in Hockenjos’ and Schimonov’s, Sunny Sheau cases in New York. Unbearable torture with severe violations of basic Human Rights involved not to mention Civil and Constitutional Rights severe violations. Courts, attorneys, judges are part of the crimes and committing them under color of law! Tis is great petition and exposing permitted crimes, obstruction of justice is necessarily if we want to surive!

  • Join the “Abolish CPS & Establish SPC” event, Jan 16-17, 2014.
    Click “View Message Board” in left column at:
    See title, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Knows” for details. Click red web-link at top of

    Paula Flowe, Arizona Operation: Let my people go! (AZ Op!) Lead-coordinator

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