PETITION: DCF Is Kidnapping My Sons!

November 8 · Started by Shaina Freeman


To: Safe Children Coalition of Sarasota County

(Once a month, Derek(4) and Jayson(2) are able to see their Mommy for visitation.)
“Mommy!” is what they both shout as their mother comes through the door at the visitation center. It is obvious that these two little boys light up when they see her. They immediatley hug her legs. She fights back her tears, she just wants to hold them and sob. She does not want to let them go. Though, it’s not her choice.
During visitation, they have lunch together and she plays with them. When noone is looking, she will pick up her older son(he is 4), holding him tight, she whispers in his ear “Do you know how much I love you and your little brother?” He nods and almost always looks down with sadness upon his face. He wants to go home with Mommy.
As they are getting packed up to go, the look of pain and confusion enters both of their faces. They are wondering when they will see their Mommy, or if they will ever see her again. Derek’s eyes fill with tears that he quickly blinks away. He does not want his Mommy or his little Brother to see. He is trying to stay strong, a trait that he gets from his mother.
This Mother is one who has overcome alot in this past year. This is a mother who was once abused and pimped out by the father of her children. Her abuser is gone from her life now. She blossoms more with each day. She works her Caseplan and does anything & everything asked of her. She is a newborn Christian, occasionally asking God if it’s true that “a mother’s cry is the loudest heard cry in heaven.” She begs, “if it is, please God, please bring my babies home to me.”
How can DCF do this ? How can they just tear this mother and her children apart ? They want to take her boys for adoption and it’s not right !
  • Yzb
Don’t let them do this ! By signing this petition, these boys may have a chance to finally come home. Let’s keep a family together ! Make her an example. DCF cannot just be given the rights to tear families like this apart. Let’s make a difference here !
Click on link and sign today.

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  • Shaina, we are just DISCARDED, this too will change and be exposed, see you in my documentary.
    THE DISCARDED tells the story of single father filmmaker, activist and co-director Glen Gibellina , who channels his experience of living through Family Court with the lens of a video camera. By using my unique perspective, I aim to pull the curtain back for viewers and expose how the current Family Court crisis is having a devastating effect on those who are victims and children of the Family CourtS. A gritty, firsthand look at a reality most would rather turn away from.
    THE DISCARDED challenges viewers to bear witness and confront the daily struggles and hopes of those living through Family Courts of a system that has rejected and abused them with no Judicial discretion.
    THE DISCARDED is more than just a film, it is an expression of the anger, sadness, joys and hopes of people who have been historically stereotyped, destroyed, silenced and marginalized by Family Courts and ignored by the mainstream media. It is the story of one man’s determination to expose the Family Courts of the 12th Circuit with a camera and begin to show what is really going on in the inner workings of Family Courts in Florida.
    THE DISCARDED weaves the stories captured by myself in true street journalist style, with his own personal journey of the Family Courts and to have his chance at redemption when he learns camera and editing skills to produce this Documentary, and I will.
    THE DISCARDED places these personal narratives against the backdrop of a grassroots movement that is rising up, using the power of the people to challenge the current family court system. Not a simple illumination of individuals at their weakest.
    THE DISCARDED seeks to inspire and empower by telling these collective stories of struggle while showing that hope still does exist.
    PROJECT GOAL The goal of THE DISCARDED is to create an awareness of the challenges faced by victims of Family Courts all across America as they continue to cope with devastating effects of the controlled outcome of our Corrupt Family Courts. We are aiming to tell the story of people, including myself, who have taken things into their own hands and are attempting to create new ways to come together and exercise the power of the people for our most valuable asset our children. These are important stories and voices that have been historically underrepresented in the media, ignored by the courts, Judges and others. Your support can make that happen!
    PROJECT STATUS We are currently in early production and are fundraising to continue to enable and empower my team to continue to do the film and the stories of the DISCARDED as we also begin filming our stories. Although we are in need of filmmakers that know how to create powerful films with little or no budgets, we also have equipment needs, travel costs, music rights to pay for and many other costs that become a reality when making a feature length documentary film. We will be in production throughout the remainder of 2012 through mid 2013 with a projected release in late 2013
    PROJECT DETAILS We have a fiscal sponsor, _(looking for a angel) _which is a registered 501c3 non profit organization or not. We are also in consideration for funding from the highly acclaimed WMNF (we hope) PBS affiliate, WEUD The production of this project is also being supported and assisted by and their incredibly talented production team which includes award winning filmmakers_(still looking)_
    Never give up, never retreat and never, never surrender.
    Glen Gibellina 862-CORRUPT


    So, what do you want me to do? I have connected everyone that I can find from around the world in common cause with common purpose, I have written my heart on paper and on here until i have cried myself to sleep, and woke up crying for the same reasons, I have supported and comforted mothers and daughters who have lost their babies through this corrupt and tyrannical system we call JUSTICE, I have discovered Walter Davis and connected him with Bill Windsor of Lawless America and I have DAMNED TO HELL those who take our children and make us all grieve and cry because we KNOW OUR BABIES ARE OUT THERE AND SOMEONE ELSE HAS THEM… Now, we are all gathered here in dozens of groups for our common purpose, so, WHAT DO WE DO NOW???? I AM TIRED OF CRYING! I WANT MY GRANDCHILDREN TO COME HOME FROM THE DRUG DEALERS AND THEIR RICH PARENTS WHO HAVE PROTECTED THEM FROM THE CRIMES THEY HAVE COMMITTED AGAINST MY DAUGHTER AND SOCIETY!!!! I WANT THE CRIMES COMMITTED IN COURT AGAINST MY FAMILY, MY DAUGHTER, MY GRANDCHILDREN, I WANT THEM EXPOSED AND THEM TO BE ORDERED TO STEP DOWN OR BE REMOVED AND I WANT ALL MOTHERS TO BE PAID BACK FOR ALL OF THE YEARS THEY HAVE LOST WITH THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!


  • Carole Signa

    SHAINA IS A LIER SHE IS A HOOKER HAS MANY CHARGES AND HER REAL NAME IS Shaina Rachel Zsirai, Google her. She is falsifying her case plan with fake Compliance forms and to currant is out doing drugs and hooking as of tonight, her mother arrested for drugs last night as well. THESE BOYS SHOULD NOT BE IN HER HOME. INVESTIGATE HER BEFORE YOU SUPPORT HER.

  • Shaina is currantly in jail for Hooking, Drugs, she lies and falsifies documents and her mother overdosed recently from drugs. She has no business having these boys. ZSIRAI,SHAINA RACHEL is her real name. Boyfriend is John Anthony Dovi currantly busted and in jail for drugs and dog abandonment with no food or water in a dwelling and also pimps her out along with breaking and entering as well all currant. DONT SUPPORT THEM. They have no business having these boys

  • Kresten Michaels

    while all the above claims are true, it should also be pointed out that jill dovi is also wanted and absconded from fla law enforcement.

  • Kresten Michaels

    3 of shainas most recent boyfriends are under LE supervision.

    I have seen shaina advertise escort services on

    at times she appears to be the victim, but it simply is not the case.

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