Pay Attention Governor Rick Scott

Rick Scott:

It is time for you to be the first governor to stand up to the corruption in our children’s services.

This is not a problem that exists in Florida alone, it is world wide.

This petition was created by another Florida resident, but as you can see from the comments on the petition — this is a world wide issue.

Make a good name for yourself by being the one that says it has to end. Use your power to help stop this corruption, and make Florida a leader in reform.  I had no idea that there was this much corruption in FL until DCF kidnapped my daughter on lies and for money.

I want to work beside you to fix this problem, Governor Scott.  I want no family to go through the pain I am going through because of lies told and sold by a greedy DCF lawyer.  DCF needs a complete overhaul, I implore you to be the leader who will say that enough is enough, and who will stand up for Florida families.
Feel free to contact Governor Scott.

Tricky Ricky

(850) 488-7146


2 comments to Pay Attention Governor Rick Scott

  • Glen Gibellina

    Dismantel the Family Court System and take the ruthless power out of Judges and back into the power of the people “in the best intrest of the child”

  • rasheeda fowler

    I am a mother whose two small children are in the process of trying to be kidknapped by dcf I am asking for all families effected by this corrupted system to come together and FIGHT!!!!! the only way they can continue winning is if we let them let fight for our children and stop human trafficking in the usa

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