While Mr. Robinson is stealing property and bankrupting families for their money, he and his wife, Lisa Carlton, Former President of the Florida Senate, got paid almost $52,000,000 to live on their huge own income producing ranch. Was this another way to get tax payer money? Was it a greatly overvalued transaction? Did they get HUGE IRS deductions on money that never really existed to contribute? YOU BE THE JUDGE! Oh and by the way, they live on this huge ranch with Judge Kim Carlton Bonner, Robinson’s sister-in-law, A JUDGE with the Sarasota Circuit which is doling out huge judgments against poor homeowners.

Robinson is stealing my property while he gets paid to live on his                                                                            

Judge Kim Carlton Bonner

A conservation easement is a way to pay people to own their own property. These deals can be on property which would most likely not be developed for years anyway, could have a lot of swamp and be OVERVALUED TRANSACTIONS. The hardest part, according to the Internet is finding a buyer, a municipality or conservation group willing to pay you large amounts of cash for you to remain as always on your property.


On or before December 31, 2007, a new deal was to go through for the “sale” of 7600 acres. This date is obviously for TAX PURPOSES.

Governing Board Approves Major Addition to Myakka Public Conservation Lands

This was the second time the Carltons received Conservation Easement Money. The first time was in 1994 when they got $2.4 million for 4800 acres. At that rate this 7600 acres would have netted $3.8 million.

Granted there was much land appreciation in 2006.

However even at 5 X the 1994 rate the deal would have been only $19 million. And by 2008 real estate values were dropping!

Look at what they got! Almost $52 million dollars TO LIVE ON THEIR OWN LAND! They can continue to ranch with their cattle, timber, sod and citrus business as well as live on it! They can have 7 houses and a log cabin. They can Will it to their children and they get huge TAX deductions. That must be why the time limit of December 31, 2007. Did they get about $78 million in deductions? Can these deductions be carried forward 16 years? Must be nice. When we ORDINARY PEOPLE sell our property we have to move. We have to pay capital gains tax.

Do they even get a reduction in their real estate taxes?                                                                                Attorney Robert K. Robinson

Did they have a $135,000 addition put on one of the houses?

Did they have a $205,000 barn with tack room built?

Was this money ($340,000) only three months worth of interest ON ALL THAT MONEY! And was this interest tax free too?

City Manger Jonathan Lewis that approves these regulation and as well as appointing the Chief of police Kevin Vespia and wasting tax payers hard earn dollars on  high price  city Attorney  Rob Robinson



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