North Port Florida Corruption Letter

Robinson Makes a Bundle

North Port Corruption Letter




Mr. Robinson’s FIRM makes $1,000,000 a year from the City. He will then seize your property, paid for is the plum, and sell it for HIS LEGAL FEES! A life time of work for you, now in his pocket. You will still owe. Your other assets will be seized, your credit and GOOD NAME RUINED.

Watch Scott Cadieux recount how he lost almost $20,000 in cash at his house sale settlement over a BOAT THAT WAS NOT HIS AND WASN’T EVEN ON HIS PROPERTY! He is a single father. That is money that would have helped his family. That money was his down payment for another house and that was money that could have kept his business afloat during these bad economic times. NOW HE IS RENTING! NOW HE WORKS FOR SOMEONE ELSE ! WAY TO GO NORTH PORT! WHERE DID HIS MONEY GO??? ASK THE CITY OF NORTH PORT AND THE CITY ATTORNEY, MR. ROBINSON.

It’s NOT MY BOAT! Part 1

It’s NOT MY BOAT! Part 2



Code Enforcement violates our basic Constitutional Rights! It violates our RIGHT TO PRIVACY!
It violates our rights by DEED to the “Quiet enjoyment of our property”!

Florida Constitution Article 1 Section 23 guarantees us “The right to live free of government interference in our private lives.”


USC18 241 and 242 provides CRIMINAL PENALTIES for those who violate the Constitution under the “color of government authority.”

City Commissioner Jonathan Lewis






City Manger Jonathan Lewis that approves these regulation and as well as appointing the Chief of police Kevin Vespia and wasting tax payers hard earn dollars on  high price  city Attorney  Rob Robinson



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  • Ray N. Stoner

    Jonathan Lewis is the city manager–not the city commissioner
    –send me a clean address and will fill up your mail box regarding the city with no port and the Warm Mineral Springs

    FreeJG (304 posts) Mon Dec-28-09 10:24 AM
    Original message
    From North Port – The City With No Port – Where Psyops Abound
    Warm Mineral Springs,

    Florida 34287

    December 25, 2009

    To Whom this May Concern;

    On December 15th, 2009, I and my associates, the officers and principles of the SkyWaterLand Preservation Association; the ones who have maintained, at no cost to the county or state, the Warm Mineral Springs and its outfall, the Spring River for the last 25 years, thereby establishing homestead and riparian rights. We sat and observed the luminaries of Sarasota County and the City with No Port scurry about as they attempted to partition up a one of a kind on Planet Earth, the aforementioned Warm Mineral Springs. You remember them, the two governmental entities who years ago orchestrated the global escheated lots sale which crashed the local and national real estate markets; the reason why your Christmas is not so Merry this year. You remember them! This travesty was later reported about by the all seeing eyes of the Herald Tribune and the North Port Sun. Their current reporters have no seniority in the community nor any awareness of what they were even reporting on. Instead of thoughtful dialogue addressing how this taxpayer financed acquisition was to be handled by these august bodies who supposedly represent the people. Instead we saw these wolves in sheep’s clothing scurry about in a real life orchestration of televisions “Let’s \Make a Deal.” A ONE OF A KIND on the planet Earth. Let me repeat that—A ONE OF A KIND ON THE PLANET EARTH. All validated and on file in the public record under the work of Dr. David Hudgens, Carl Munck, James Furia and many others including myself.

    For those of you who do not remember the players behind the masks, there was Commissioner Shannon Staub and County Attorney Steven DeMarsh. You remember them from the Sevilla Street debacle where Coastal Recovery in collusion with others, cost the taxpayers millions, by shoving a drug rehab center down the Warm Mineral Springs residents throats. This was in violation of the county’s own rules and regulations. In the process they almost killed two outstanding members of our tight knit residential community, Joe and Maria Serna. The residents demanded Shannon’s resignation and an attempt was made to disbar Steven, but all to no avail. Only money and power talk here in Sarasota County. Standing tall was Commissioner Nora Patterson, owner of much of downtown Sarasota which she and her family then lease back yearly to the federal government for untold thousands of taxpayer dollars. Also present was Joe Barbetta, or Mr. Baseball, as he is mockingly referred to by the peasants for his role in bringing baseball to Sarasota; with no cash to make it happen, and, who addresses his constituent’s complaints by calling them whiners. You should remember all of them, products of the local political hacks who in collusion with the Diebold voting machine company brought us the jim crowed Presidency of George W. Bush, the Venice Airport, and the Sept 11th disaster where the NY trade towers were intentionally demolished killing 3000 of our fellow Americans. If you don’t remember them you should. Front and center was Jim Ley, our 250 thousand dollar a year plus expenses County Manager. Prior to his arrival here he orchestrated, in collusion with the corrupt banking industry, the real estate boom in Las Vegas. Today his bad thinking legacy is reflected in their highest foreclosure rate in the country status. Remember how his wife brokered a multi-million dollar real estate deal here with the County and then had to return her commission or go to jail. These are the folks now cutting down all the trees on public lands and parks to pay their obscene salaries. You remember them. This is who represented the taxpayers on the County level at the Warm Mineral Springs dismemberment meeting.

    From the city with no port came the rest of the unindicted co-conspirators led by Steven Crowell the current North Port City Manager. You remember him. He years ago was our second choice for no port city manager. Brought here from Colorado one of his quotables was “there is no difference between a snow storm and a hurricane.” He replaced the previous city manager who had to be bought off before he could be run out of town. Now six months before sitting in this meeting Mr. Crowell and the bank (holders of the Warm Mineral Springs note) had been offered 8.5 million for the Springs by the private sector. Without consulting anyone Crowell did not even exhibit the common business courtesy to respond. This information was conveyed in writing to Commissioner Jon Thaxton in the middle of the Dec 15 meeting. So much for the Sunshine law in local Florida politics.

    Vocalizing the City of North Port’s willingness to participate was Chair Commissioner David Garofalo. So competent an individual is he, he moonlights as a North Port Commissioner while working full time as a Pasco County fire Captain a two or three hour drive away from North Port. I think in more enlightened times this was called double dipping. Also present was Commissioner Vanessa Carusone. You remember her, a local gal who married the owner of the New York Pizza Restaurant who couldn’t make good pizza dough. You remember her! The other three, are all new but from their suggestions of hotels, developments, shopping plazas. etc. they certainly are and were not aware of the scientific, metrological, archaeological, or ecological significance of what they were parceling up, nor the history of this place. Long ago Senator Max Berking from New York commented they (meaning local government and the crooks who act as their agents) would not be happy with the Springs until they had made it into another Wally World. So here was the cast. This is who we got to watch in the political theatre we call local government acting out in real life televisions “Let’s make a Deal” with a real banker on the phone from Cypress Tree Lending no less. All as the press hastily scribbled notes while the previous owner Ed Ullman, the man who ran the place into the ground, scurried about crossing the I’s and dotting the T’s. Apparently not in attendance was City Attorney Robert K. Robinson, partner in the Law Firm of Nelson and Hesse LLP of Sarasota Florida. Now he just happens to be Lisa Carton’s husband, whose family owns the Carlton Preserve and who serves as the President of the Florida Senate. You remember him. All one big happy family. He puts several million dollars each year in his law firms pocket for among other things prosecuting minor zoning violations causing tax payers like Christina Marfut to lose their homes. You remember him.

    Having watched this fiasco unfold under various earlier conductors like Sam Heron, Sam Levy, and of late Ed Ullman a half a dozen times in the past, new hotels, new building, new roads, new water and sewer, out with the old in with the new, I could only shake my head in disgust. You keep doing the same things over and over again and then expect different results. Unfortunately things don’t work that way. Ask Ed Ullman! Instead of discussing who was going to pay for the new sewers and water, or all the new development, or the new roads, or how the pre-existing hazardous waste dump on the property was going to be addressed, or how the City Of North Ports pumping of effluent into the same aquifer that feeds the springs could potentially effect the taxpayers investment or the long term profitability of the project. How come none of these issues were addressed? Finally we saw a 6.3 million dollar deal sort of put together and placed on the table, or was it 6.7; at times it was difficult to tell what was going on. Remember, earlier in the charade they were offered 8.5 million by the private sector. So what happened? Everyone went home with a smile on their face, for they had all agreed on something, but no one knew quite what. Everyone except US. Not to be repetitive but to have watched this charade at least 6 times over the last 25 years, all at the taxpayers expense and always with the same results: the question again needs to be asked, “What the HELL is going on here?”

    Years ago a plan was submitted by me which, had it been implemented, today would be the biggest employer in Sarasota County. Instead what we again see unfolding is more of the same incompetence which has prevented the Warm Mineral Springs from becoming the biggest tourist attraction on Florida’s west coast and the first of what eventually will become a series of global science centers.. Why, because our leaders don’t know how to lead, or even think clearly for that matter. In many cases their next original thought will probably be their first. Or maybe there is just to much chlorine, fluorine, and radioactivity in the drinking water? Anybody recently wondered about that radioactivity coming out from under the old North Port dump and getting into the creek where we get our drinking water? Anybody like Cindy Mick given this any thought lately?

    Then there is the press. The North Port Sun, led by editors and writers from up north who have no idea where they are or what they are writing about persevere. Ignoring reality, or the fact this is the real world as Charlie taught us, they continue to tip toe thru the tulips while women are kidnapped, raped, and murdered, while businessmen’s bodies are left lying along the road because people are either not doing their job, but more likely don’t even know what their job is. Rather then offend the perpetrators or do what a paper is supposed to do, print the news, and hold these buffoons accountable for their actions, they instead take officialdumbs read and report it as fact. Yet their incompetent unnewsworthyness is putting them out of business. Or doesn’t that fact matter either? Then there is the Herald Tribune. Owned by the New York Times, these members of the controlled news media could care less what goes on here in the Florida swamp or in the Warm Mineral Springs. If they did they would be asking questions like “ how where the 911 terrorists trained at the Venice Airport and how could they have been swimming in the Warm Mineral Springs and no one knew anything about it?”

    Earlier that week a meeting was held between the principles of SkyWaterLand and a number of county representatives led by Michael Elswick. At this meeting these, and many other issues to numerous to mention, were discussed. Brought to the county’s attention were glaring examples of illegal plating, permitting, and zoning. The meeting was precipitated by a massive structural failure which occurred on an improperly permitted new residence located on the Spring River outfall. This resulted in the destruction of irreplaceable fossils and endangered the protected Florida Manatee who winters in these heated waters. None of these issues were addressed at this December 15th meeting. Does anyone really know or care what is going on? There might be another way you know.

    Ray N. Stoner


    Friends of Warm Mineral Springs

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