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The process used by the City of North Port to clear/clean our culverts  had a collateral effect of eroding our driveway foundation. According to our original survey, the swales were constructed on the city’s property. According to our recent survey, done July 2011, the swales are now on our property. We believe this is  a direct result from the way the city grades the swales. This destruction to our  property is creating liability and safety concerns. This has created hazardous conditions to our driveway foundation.  This is not an isolated situation, this has happened to several properties in this area. We requested the city address, mitigate and correct the collateral property damage. To date they have not corrected our property damage. 

Does the City of North Port, Florida follow the same laws we are required to follow? If I did property damage, I would be legally responsibility for the damages. We are required to follow North Port Codes. Does the City of North Port adhere to the same rules? I do not believe they do. The work they did to our swales, did not follow code. Unless I missed it where code states swales can be moved from City to private property without consent. Our laws were originally influenced by the Magna Carta. Whether private or public equal justice for all. Everybody is equal under the law. Blind justice with fundamental principles of America judicial foundation.

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis (Jon Lewis) dropped a letter on our front porch on the evening of July 12, 2011. In his letter he states it was discovered that my builder constructed our swales on our property. We believe this to be FALSE. According to our original survey, done October 1994 by VanBuskirk, the swales were not constructed on our property. Also, we receive a certificate of occupancy. We had a new survey done by VanBuskirk and Fish July 2011. According to Mr. Fish, the new survey show the swales are now on our property. We believe Mr. Jonathan Lewis wrongly accused our builder. We believe Mr. Jonathan Lewis should have been pointing his finger at the city employees who failed to do the job they are paid to do. Is the City of North Port, Florida wasting our tax dollars on incompetent employees? With the current state of our I economy, I surely hope they are not wasting our money. Was inaccurate records discovered? The city is a government agency. I would have thought they would have kept better records. What did Jonathan Lewis really discover? Did Mr. Jonathan Lewis intentionally provide false information to us in his letter? Mr. Jonathan Lewis said he called my husband three times to set up a meeting to address our concerns. Our records show no such calls. Would it be wrong to ask Mr. Jonathan Lewis to provide his phone records? We will be happy to provide our phone records. He also told our neighbor, he did not receive her emails until the morning the city was to begin work on our swales and pipe. Does Mr. Jonathan Lewis not realize a Freedom of Information Request will show the exact time he received her email? I thought the city issues Mr. Jonathan Lewis a smart phone? If Jonathan Lewis is not using his smart phone , he should turn it in and same tax dollars. Does Jonathan Lewis have any creditably? How do the citizens of Palm Bay, his last town, feel about his ethics and competence?

William Vest

 Mr. Jonathan Lewis told me at the meeting on July 14, 2011 that a city employee is allowed on my property under any circumstances. I advised Mr. Lewis via email and in person, no city employee is allowed on my property without a court order. Does Mr. Jonathan Lewis not understand trespassing laws or Florida Statues? Better yet is Mr. Jonathan Lewis familiar with the US constitution? I find this very alarming since he is currently running our City. Did the commissioners make the right choice in hiring Mr. Lewis?

 Do the Commissioner of North Port, Florida really care about the welfare of their citizens? Or are they after their own agenda? I personally invited Commissioner, Tom Jones to our meeting with Jonathan Lewis the current city manager, William Vest the operation manager, Branford Adumuah the public works director, Marcello Ranalli infrastructure engineer and Mr. Angel, engineer. I originally thought Mr. Tom Jones accepted my invitation with a possible conflict with the city manager. Without any further contact Mr. Tom Jones was a no-show with an excuse. Was it a valid one???? What were his constraints??? Who knows??? Come election time, I certainly will not vote for Mr. Tom Jones.  

Tom Jones


According to our original survey and our current survey, we strongly believe the City has damaged our property causing our driveway foundation to erode. The surveys were done by licensed, respectable surveyors. Has any of the City Commissioners stepped forward to help us? NO!!!!Who do they really work for??? I do not feel they have our community’s best interest at heart.  The exact same damage has occurred to the property owner directly across the street. How many other property owners have property damage caused by the City of North Port, Florida?  Maybe a class action lawsuit would enforce the City to follow their own codes/laws. 

City Manger Jonathan Lewis that approves these regulation and as well as appointing the Chief of police Kevin Vespia and wasting tax payers hard earn dollars on  high price  city Attorney  Rob Robinson


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