Lutheran Services And DCF Problems In Lee County Florida


Marian Scirrotto


We have a serious problem…
We have 2 teenage girls that have ran away from DCF in Lee County, The mother is frantic.. They were calling her and letting her know they were safe until the Lee County Sheriff Office got involved today and the mother called and beg the girls to come home. They dumped their cell phones and called her from a pay phone telling her they will not be contacting her again because they are afraid of DCF … These girls were NOT in imminent danger, this started over

a month ago with a verbal argument, DCF showed up to shelter the girls 3 weeks later and they ran. Yesterday the judge signed a pick up order after DCF lied like crazy to get the order. The mother has been threatened by DCF and LCSO and they don’t believe she doesn’t know where the girls are…She is devastated that her girls are out there somewhere and afraid to come home … Please send emails and let DCF know that these girls are afraid of THEM and their Nazi Tactics, they were not in danger until NOW and that is their fault and if anything happens to them, all accountability belongs to them ! Theses girls need to go home to their mother without interference of DCF or Foster-care

Since the beginning of this year, DCF in Lee County has violated all the key mandates and Chapter 39 of the Fl Statues. They are sheltering kids in foster care, lying under oath and on sworn documents , harassing and threatening families.. They have gotten completely OUT of Control.. This has become extremely serious !
Parents are NOT being heard and scare tactics are used. Retaliation and intimidation are being used on families and this has to STOP !

We need to have an abundance of outcry from the people of Florida, we need emails sent expressing and demanding to know why this is happening and why did 3 children die in Lee County in a 2 week period while under DCF investigation ? Why are sheltering the wrong children?

Please inundate them with your concerns. We need to get these girls home safe, we need to get several children home that are being held without merit of abuse, neglect or abandonment, We need to hold the Sub-contractor Lutheran Services of SWFL in contempt and Hold the DCF CPI’s who did these bogus shelters accountable for perjury.

Please let your voice be heard ! <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>;


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  • The girls are scared to death, the mom thinks she may know where they are and she has called for a normal, calm caseworker who can relate to teenagers..Not the hostile, combative one that made them run away .
    She called the hotline and ask for the Supervisor on call to please call her and NO one returned her call all day.. The mom is afraid if she goes there the girls will run and since she is not sure they are there, she doesn’t want DCF and LCSO storming innocent peoples homes and screaming at them like they have done to her.
    Pray these girls a safe and do the right thing before DCF turns them into criminals with DJJ

  • Here is an update concerning the girls… Mom still hasn’t heard back from the supervisor on duty however, she did call the hotline again and report where the girls may be…
    It seems that the oldest of the two, has used her powers for trying to get her way.. DCF and the system has all of our children under the impression that they have the control to use the system against parents at their beck and call , that Power granted to her, as well as most children in the system,Is being abused and these children / teenagers have not realized that they have caused their own problems by lying and any consequences that follow, belong to them..
    Sadly, she drug her younger sister into this with her and all because she was punished and her laptop was going to be taken as a horrific form of punishment.
    I feel extremely bad for the mom, she had been worried sick and frantic. She was bullied, threatened, harassed , screamed at, called awful names and now embarrassed that this was because a child was not getting her way, felt a punishment was to harsh , so she called and made a report..
    Lucky for her and others like her, All moms will always forgive and will always love their children even they are hurt by those they love.

    The story has ended and now the legal court syndrome will begin..

  • The whole corrupt system needs to be dismantled. Reopened with FAITH BASED personal and guidelines to families

  • liz

    i have been accused of abuse of my daughter when it is the other way around.dcf came and are doing there thing all i have ever done is try todo the right thing for my child i am lost and hurt can anyone help me

  • I been needing help $7000 lawyer I payed luke and serv Glenwenden Johnson and Hannda they and Haidi franks from oct 2013 and still been try to walk away from my granddaughter that is going to be 3 Nov move with me at 1 month old they didn’t get their way by lieing to the Judge so they went and call the docter and made up a story and now they are saying I didn’t get her tested to see if she was slow and I did and they didn’t tell the doctor so he call DCF now they are putting me thought hell and having me take her to doctor for to see if she was abuse checking her the girls that I wrote on top just wanted to start with me the work at ford st luke sev I need help lawyer don’t or cant I have to let the jugde know what they are doing be for they get to get a jugde to take my granddaughter out of my home we don’t have a court date to Nov 21 at 10:30 am I cant do nothing DCF is mess up my life with lies and pushing their weight around


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