Lorraine Lundblad Port Charlotte Florida Certified Contractor Licensing Investigator


By: Conservative Woman

Port Charlotte authorities charge $500 fine for painting a house

Investors Beware:  In a depressed housing market, city officials are hell bent on making money on your dime.

“I bought a house for investment purposes in Port Charlotte, Florida about two months ago, in early October,” said real estate investor, Randy Kluge.


The house needed a new roof, so I proceeded to get a permit, he said.  “The two city inspections of the roof passed and no structural changes were needed.”

I decided to complete minor drywall updates and paint the house, he said.  “That is when all hell broke loose.”

“I received a call from city official Lorraine Lundblad, a certified contractor licensing investigator who is employed by the city of Port Charlotte,” he said.

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She advised that I needed to be a licensed painter in order to paint my own house that I purchased with my own money, Kluge said.  “It is outrageous that I am not permitted to paint my own house.”

This is my money, my investment, but it is not up to me, it is up to the government what I can and cannot do, he said.

This smacks of an authoritative dictatorship, not a constitutional Republic, he said.

Before going into her office I inquired over the phone whether this is real, because I was shocked at the claim that I was not permitted to paint my own property, he said.  “She intimated that we could work out a deal.”


As soon as I walked into her office to discuss the specifics of the law, and whether a fine is appropriate, she served me a fine issuance in the amount of $500, Kluge said.

“I was told I needed a permit to paint my own property,” he said.

My advice to investors all across the state of Florida is this:  Do not invest in Port Charlotte.  The city government are thieves and play loose with the truth, he said.

“If the city government can produce laws that fine investors for painting their own house, then the city should not get our business,” he said.


1 comment to Lorraine Lundblad Port Charlotte Florida Certified Contractor Licensing Investigator

  • The U.S. Attorney should get involved in this, there are federal laws that protect you from this type of criminal activity by code inspectors.
    We have a right to do the up keep on the property we own. (Period) This area has been the source of many complaints of this type. Its time something is done at State or Federal level. They just make the laws up as they go.
    A man in Port Charlotte told me that he was told by the board that he had to have a state license to install a garage door, said it was a state law. Its just not true, there are no state laws pertaining to installing a garage door. There are people all over the state installing them, some have Occupational License, some non, non required at state level, some countries see this as another way to grab money from the installer by requiring them to take a small test and charging them for it, just another Rip Off. Doors have to be certified to be sold in Florida, so why a test, Oh, more money for the Greedy Countries.
    Every thing is Money,money,Money.

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