Lisa Voigt Venice Fl Dishonest DCF Employee



On April 19, 2011, Lisa Voigt, a DCF supervisor, came to our house. Voigt said, “I am here for Dulce. I am taking her.”

My wife asked, “Why?”
She said “I don’t know.” My wife continued to press her and she refused to say anything, finally after a while she said because the lawyers said to.
She coerced her way into the house with another worker and multiple police officers.

I then called Voigt and I asked her why she was there for Dulce. She was rude and unprofessional. I believe that is unacceptable behavior for a person in her position of authority. Voigt ordered me to bring the child to her. When I brought the child to her, I saw a social worker that could care less about children. Voigt would not tell me why she was there for Dulce.
She threatened my wife with arrest warrants, she also told her that if she came to court the next day that we would get her back we only had to tell the judge what happened, she also quizzed my older daughter “So what are you doing with your life?”  

After I turned Dulce over to Lisa Voigt dishonest DCF employee, she was put into Voigt’s car; Dulce was crying, “I want out, daddy! I want you, daddy! I want you.” She told my second daughter that Dulce would get over it.

I slept a total of 50 minutes that night. My heart, along with my wife’s and two other daughters’, were torn in half. This situation was worse than any other loss than we have ever been through. In court the next day, I found out why Voigt was at my house:  someone filed a false report, claiming that I was abusing and neglecting Dulce’s biological mother and Dulce. In court the judge stated that the report was not founded. Then the judge asked who made the report, Robin Jensen, Managing Attorney for DCF said “a social worker.”

Robin Jensen, Managing Attorney for DCF


This social worker should not be working with children. When we did a follow up court appearance on April 26, 2011, my wife did not come with me because she was too devastated. One of my bilingual tenants went with me to translate for Dulce’s aunt (her biological mother’s sister). When we were sitting there during court, my tenant looked at me and asked, “Why is that woman (Lisa Voigt) staring and smirking at you – and happy?”
I told her he was looking at the devil incarnate. I have tried to file complaints on the social worker who filed the false report, but to no avail. I do not want to know who this person is; I just want the person to be removed from her position because she does not need to be working with children.

Devil incarnate Lisa Voigt

Lisa Voigt dishonest DCF employee, I consider your conduct very inappropriate and unprofessional considering the way you talked to me and my older daughter, telling her that Dulce would “get over it.”  We both know that children do not get over a tragedy like this. I do have enough evidence against you. The  social worker that filed the false report, I do not know who it was but the both of  you should not be working with children.
Randy Kluge





I, her father, Randy, was out with Dulce when Lisa Voigt came to the house.  My wife immediately called me to let me know what was going on. I assumed that Michelle Rosell’s was at the house ready to take Dulce away, so I called Michelle. Michelle gave me the phone number of her supervisor, Lisa Voigt, who was the DCF employee ready to take Dulce (accompanied by another DCF staff member and two North Port Police Department officers) The police said in the report we gave her willingly which is untrue and that they never saw the paper work an we need to get it from DCF.

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