Laura Adams an employee at the Luthern Services in Port Charlotte Fl

I met Laura Adams, an employee at the Lutheran Services  in Port Charlotte, Fl, at a birthday party at the fourplex I own. She and I spoke a little — then to my surprise her name appeared on the witness list for DCF.   She had been interviewed by DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department detective Maria Trevino, and her statements were included in an investigatory report about my activities.  The report was full of incorrect statements and false accusations.  One example was the hearsay statement by Laura Adams about what I had said, specifically indicating that  “he had an open DCF case which was going to be staffed for services “.  I don’t know what this means so could not have made the statement.  Further, Adams went on to say that I “pointed to a male who was supposedly supervising the visit”, continuing “that this male who was supposed to be supervising brought out a bottle of vodka from a truck and started drinking putting his ability to supervise in question”.  Adams also stated “that four of his units were rented out by single females, which raised concerns”, and that “Randy also kept calling for a little girl to come and she would run from him and he would pick her up and turn to Adams and say,  ‘Look how much she loves me’.

Dulce’s uncle, nor myself, drink any alcoholic drinks.  If he was incapable because of alcohol, Laura Adams job requires her to step in so this means Laura Adams did not do her job or she is lying.  Dulce was left in the care of her uncle and my family for seven months after this incident.   I have the witnesses to prove we were not drinking nor did Dulce run from me or is afraid of me.  Laura Adams — when you lie, you will have to tell 10 more lies to cover your first lie.  Your lies have broken up three homes: the uncle’s, the mother’s and my family.

It has been 2 months since DCF took Dulce and when I try to go to sleep at night all I think about is Dulce and Leslie, how the lies and corruption keeps them from their family, the uncle, mother and my family. How can the people responsible for these lies and corruption put their head down on the pillow at night and go to sleep?
They wanted to  charged me with, “possible exploitation of an adult with mental disabilities”.  My family has taken care of the mother for an extended period of time, providing a home, food, electric, water and cable, free of charge.  The investigation against me were dropped because they had no evidence.  That is why they put “possible” — because they had no evidence, it never happened.

Since thier  investigation was closed  for lack of evidence, Maria Trevino has since opened yet another investigation report, I believe she is investigating the same charges — with intent to have the investigation open so that when we are in court, Robin Jensen, attorney for Department of Children and Families, can say there are charges pending against me. I hope and pray that their lies and deceitfulness will catch up with them.

Love you and miss you Dulce and Leslie


  Robin K Jensen owns a business: Dive Adventures LLC DCF lawyer.

See more on Robin Jensen on the link below.


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  • rasheeda fowler

    hi my name is rasheeda fowler right now im fighting dcf they are trying to kidknap my two small children they have already made up documents and they are trying to bully me into a case plan we are taking them to trial they have violated our families rights so im trying to get families together and start a movement against them if you are interested in putting a stop to kids being kidknapped please get in contact with me I know im only one mother but that how change starts

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