Kevin Vespia- We Expect Our State And Constitutional Rights To Be Protected

“Our citizens expect and deserve that their police officers will act with honor and integrity at all times.” –Kevin Vespia  We also expect our state and constitutional rights to be protected, remember the 4th Amendment? –outraged citizens

Chief’s Message       On behalf of the men and women of the North Port Police Department I would like to welcome you to our web page.

The mission of our agency is to provide a safe community for our 56,000 residents. Each member is committed to this effort and arrives at work every day trying to make a difference. We embrace a problem oriented policing philosophy and take great pride in our status as a fully accredited police department.

We hold sacred our role as stewards of the public trust. Our citizens expect and deserve that their police officers will act with honor and integrity at all times. We pledge to enforce the law fairly and equally with absolute respect for the rights and dignity of every person we encounter.

The challenges brought on by growth are significant. We will need your help to keep our city safe and prosperous in the future. No law enforcement agency can be successful in its mission without strong partnerships in the community. Working as a team we can insure that as our community grows, our quality of life is enhanced.

There are several ways you can help. I ask you to consider joining our very successful and active crime watch program. Or perhaps enroll in our Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy (C.L.E.A.). Finally, we are always looking for folks willing to volunteer some time here at our new police station.

Please feel free to contact me at 941-429-7301 or email  

Chief Kevin Vespia

Even though you are a native of Rhode Island the U.S. Consttitution protects our rights everywhere.

Chief Kevin Vespia



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