Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia

I wonder how these people get elected.

We were in court June 9, 2011 before Judge James Parker Arcadia.  Previously in another posting I have written that judge James Parker and I were victims.  I now realize that I am the only victim and Judge James Parker does not follow statues and case laws.  Robin Jensen Sarasota  and James Parker are rogue in their enforcement of the laws.  Robin Jensen puts in front of the judge false statements and rewords statues so it becomes his responsibility when judge Parker rules.  Time and time  again I have seen evidence put in front of judge Parker and he does not bother to read it.  He only listens to Robin Jensen’s testimony.
In court Thursday, neither the mother nor her lawyer were present.  Robin Jensen stated it would be too hard on the mother because of her mental condition. Why was Dulce’s and Leslie’s mother’s lawyer not there to represent her then?  Judge James Parker and Robin Jensen proceeded with the case, having no problems with the lack of representation on the other side.  I have been in court many times during the last 7 months in front of James Parker.  I’ve seen many other cases and I have never seen him rule against Robin Jensen or DCF.

I feel sorry for the people of Arcadia who have no money to appeal the cases of Judge  Parker for he makes many bad rulings, do not take my word just listen to all my court hearings. I would love to have a copy of all of them but Parker will not allow this for he has to cover himself.

In order to make a judicious judgment, a judge needs to know all the facts in a case.  Judge James Parker only knows what Robin Jensen says.  Robin Jensen has no evidence to support her false statements.

Now that the case is over, please call me and I will show you evidence of Robin Jensen’s false statements.  So that in the future families will not be torn apart. So in the future perhaps Parker will acknowledge all facts from both sides before ruling on a case.

DCF Florida Save Our Children

I signed the petition “Florida Department Of Children And Families (DCF) Power Abuse”. I’m asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.
Please go to this site, sign the petition and repost. Department of children and families abuse of power.

Thank You


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