Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

I have to say that I had become very discouraged by the judicial and political system in the United States. In fact I have to say I was ashamed of my country, a country I had always loved and defended to others.

A friend had to go to court in another state on a simple matter and I went along. I was curious to see how things would go and I was not very hopeful, in fact I was quite skeptical.

We were sitting in the court room and I started to notice something new. This judge was taking the time to read all of the papers set in front of him. I set up and took notice, this was something I had not seen before. I have been to court dozens of times in the last few months and I had never seen Judge Parker taking the time to read the submitted paper work and looking at the evidence before him before ruling.

Okay I thought this might be different. I really started to listen, I heard this judge listen to the cases, time after time I heard him say he wanted evidence not hearsay. Wow I thought I wish this Judge had been listening to my case, not to be able to just sit and hear Robin Jensen go on and on about her accusations and fanciful imaginations would have been wonderful. He refused to listen to hearsay and wanted evidence. Wonder if Judge Parker would be willing to take lessons from a real Judge? I kind of doubt it as he seems to feel he knows everything, in fact he knows it all without even having to hear from both sides and in fact knows more than even our legislation as he decides which laws he wants to follow.

Recall Judge James Parker Arcadia Florida


I saw this Judge rule as the law requires, even when he said he did not agree with the law he followed the law. What a crazy idea, Judges that uphold the law and not try to make the laws.

He went above and beyond his ruling, he would take the time to talk to the plaintiffs and defendants, he would try to help them work out their differences and had them leave the court working together instead of enemies. If he made a ruling on a judgment for instance he did not stop there he would try to work out a payment schedule that would work for everyone. Now it did not always work but I can tell you the majority of the people that left that day had justice served, and were not left with the bitter taste in their mouth.

This Judge cared about the law and upheld it and he cared about people and their lives.

Parker know what this is?


I was so excited when we were leaving the court house, I found my pride in my country again, it was not the country, not that there are not problems, but it was the Florida Judicial System,( as anyone watching TV knows). There are honest caring people in this country who swear to uphold the law and they do. They are not lazy and power hungry. They know they are not above the law but protectors of the law.

I have been telling everyone around here of my experience, everyone I tell they immediately know who I am talking about I have heard nothing but praise for this judge. He has a stellar reputation of honesty and caring. Whenever I mention Judge James Parker’s name I get the same reaction of oh no and I have heard about him, and it is never good. If Judge James Parker was half the judge this judge was — then Florida might be able to hold its head  up.


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  • Joanna

    It is great that you were able to observe the difference in judges and come away with a happier perspective about the judicial system.

    • Randy

      Judge Parker is a lazy judge if you even want to call him a judge. I can only imagine how many homes he has broken up do to Parker being lazy.

      It was nice to see a nice and honest judge.

      Thanks again for all your comments



    As a court observer I have been concerned in what is happening in Family Courts lately. I am struck by the overall apathy of people until it directly affects their lives. Apathy is the very thing that destroys a nation. When we become apathetic we let down our guard and allow the wolves to enter the sheep’s fold. These wolves are cleverly disguised as sheep but no matter what they look like on the outside they are wolves who seek to devour every thing in site. That our current system that allows and encourages high conflict in the Family Court is unacceptable and destructive in nature.

    America’s family courts are causing millions of children undue suffering as a result of rulings which result in one parent, usually the father, being cut out of their childcare’s lives. These actions against our children are NOTHING LESS THAN CHILD ABUSE, the results of which we are just now realizing all across this country. If you have any doubt, just Google corrupt family courts, then post a comment.

    Collaborates, (foster care givers, Guardian ad Litem volunteers, mental health professionals, parenting coordinators and others) HARASS, LIE, MANIPULATE, VIOLATE COURT ORDERS, COERCE, INTIMIDATE, COMMIT PERJURY, VIOLATE LAWS (Federal and State). This system is BROKEN and they all know it! This system produces HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in Federal Funding for the states annually; and infinitely more lining the pockets of the participants (judges, attorneys, social workers, mental health professionals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, women’s shelters, foster parents, foster care facilities, only to name a few).

    It’s time for the wrecking ball to swing the other way and dismantle our current Family Courts as we know it today.

    As always…FOLLOW THE MONEY

    Glen Gibellina

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