Judge James Parker can you explain this?

When researching the Judge James Parker of Desoto County Florida we found this to be quite interesting:

Rodeo Marketing Promotions, LLC is a For-Profit organization run by
Don T HallHe is the other 12th circuit Judge, how can I get a fair trial? If I go sue Judge Parker, Don Hall would not rule in my favor, he would not risk his business, I do not see how they can own a business together and not be a conflict of interest,
 Managing Member
 Marvin W Brown
 Managing Member
James S Parker
 Managing Member
 Robert D Staton
 Managing Member
 Willard Wood
 Managing Member

 Arcadia All Florida Championship Rodeo Association Inc—Non-profit

 Walter Brown Corrections officer in Desoto county.
Don T Hall
 President
 Director
 Robert Staton
 Treasurer
 Director
James B Fussell
 Director
 Secretary
James S Parker
 Vice President
 Rusty Cox
 Willard Wood

Arcadia Youth Rodeo Association, Inc Non-profit
Don T Hall
 President
James B Fussell
 Secretary

If Parker and Hall run a for profit media business for rodeos and they are running two non-profit rodeos are they awarding themselves contracts? I do not know. Do they take other bids? Do they undercut others, or do they just put in whatever they wish. I do know with only two judges in this circuit and both of them in 3 businesses together how can anyone reasonable expect fair unbiased judge, if I get my case from Parker then I face his good friend and business partner.

This is a small sample of the corruption and power abuse of Judge James Parker, please if you have any information contact us. You can also Google Judge James Parker Arcadia Florida, Desoto county, 12th circuit and see more of his questionable actions and outright power trips.
Conflict of intrest
You might also notice a connection with Robin Jensen DCF attorney from Sarasota, Lisa Voigt of Venice Florida, Amy Grant also of Sarasota and Brena Slater of Arcadia Florida.




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  • Michael J. Wolfe

    Yes. I have exactly the same conflict of interest situation with Judges Parker and Hall. I recently filed a Motion to Disqualify Judge Hall from a circuit court case in which I am the Plaintiff. The basis is that he has a relationship with the local attorney on the other side, that he is not a circuit court judge and that he has an interest in protecting the local property owner I am suing. It was considered by Judge Hall and, of course, denied. Now I have a Petition for Writ of Prohibition currently pending with the 2nd DCA.

    In the mean time, I have a case with Judge Parker wherein he entered an Order in the county court granting a damage award to a third party that I had a prior business relationship with. The problem is that the Judgment amount exceeded the jurisdiction of the county court. (more than $15K) The judgment affects my ability to collect damages from this third party.

    Now I have filed an appeal of the county court case. Unfortunately, jurisdiction of county court cases is with the circuit court. The appeal has been assigned to Judge Hall. The paradox is readily apparent. How can I receive a fair hearing or trial when these judges are practically one in the same? Of course the appeal will be rejected which will require yet another appeal to the 2nd DCA.

    What is going on in Desoto County violates all Rules of Judicial Conduct regarding impartiality and our due process right to a fair tribunal. As they say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. However, I would appreciate receiving any information regarding the incestuous relationship of these two Judges.

    Thank you.

  • randy

    Michael, I fear for you if you have been caught in this vicious cycle that Judges Hall and Parker orchestrate to keep their little fiefdom alive.

    I had another blog about James Parker that has now been removed. Way to protect the 4th amendment.

    I suggest you file a complaint with the judicial review board and point out the facts and how there is no way to get a fair trial.

    Google James Parker of Arcadia Florida and you will find more information,

    Florida J.A.I.L. for Judges started do to these two guys you might find this interesting reading. Feel free to email me at randyandmelissakluge@gmail.com

    Good luck and God Bless

  • Brenda DeNardis

    How do you go about reporting Judges like Don Hall? I went through the divorce from hell 12 yrs ago. My ex told me before it started that I would never win because I didn’t “hook up” with the right people. Turned out to be right. He took all our money, came to the house with some of his friends took almost all the furniture, took two credit cards and maxed them out, kept threatening me so much that I would have to go hide in motels. Never even made him pay child support! Everyone kept telling me he hated the Turner’s and I worked for them – strike number one – and the ex was remodeling his house at the time – strike number two. I could never prove either. Almost 3 yrs of bringing him hard evidence and him still siding with the ex I finally just threw in the towel. Walked away with nothing but bills and a damaged kid. The only thing he did grant was a restraining order that he never enforced.

    So life goes on and the ex still screws with me about once every couple of years. The man is a sadist. I don’t worry too much because I moved out of the Desoto good old boy network and figure if he comes to close maybe real cops and real judges will see through the crap. Ex gets arrested 4 times in Desoto for Domestic Abuse on someone else. Gets arrested in Sarasota for assaulting a inspector. Hall is assigned to all the Desoto cases and nothing happens. Ex gets investigate by DCF for abusing kids and nothing happens. Ex moves. Judge Hall always aware of what goes on.

    Last month the ex files to get the restraining order lifted. Court was today and I showed up because I was scared to death he may be back in town. He phone in from I don’t know where. I reminded Judge Hall of past history and he acknowledged he remembered. I also told him I was still scared of the ex and even my kids said please go to court and make this stay. Ex cries about how he can’t pass a background check to get a job. Also told a few lies that Hall knew damn well were lies. at Judge Hall dismissed the restraining and told me that I could refile where I live now if I needed to. In other words if he comes and hurts you again and you live go file locally. I just get up and walk out. Once again Hall gives me the short end of the stick.

    I look at the ex’s FB tonight and he just changed his status recently to Desoto again. Judge Hall is not fit. There is something wrong with him or my ex must have something on him is all I can think. It looks very crooked.

  • Glen Gibellina


    Despite the success of family court cases, there is a dark side of family courts the general public rarely sees behind close doors. Routinely, due process and constitutional rights to be a parent are generally ignored if either party is not represented by an attorney. This high conflict-driven system adopts litigation rather than problem-solving as dispute resolution.
    This is destructive to families. There needs to be a rule providing for “limited scope representation” that allows an attorney to represent a client for a limited purpose or time period. This rule should greatly enhance access to legal representation in family law cases, particularly for persons of limited means.
    Rotation of judges on a regular basis is a bad idea. The 12th Circuit needs committed judges who are in it for the long haul, not as a penalty because they are up for rotation.
    Hold attorneys and all of the “experts” accountable for timely reports and any delays should not be tolerated. Set a maximum time limit of 30 days for a parenting plan to be set in place.
    The best solution, of course, would be a jury trial for all custody issues; take the decision out of the judge’s hand and into six or 12 people who know the importance of both parents being involved in the child’s life before, during and after litigation.
    Glen Gibellina


    Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/05/21/4043854/family-court-system-should-be.html?storylink=fblikebtn#storylink=cpy

  • Glen Gibellina

    Time to reform the broken 12th Circuit Family Court
    12:00am on Apr 6, 2012

    Time to reform the broken 12th Circuit Family Court
    In a recent court decision by the Honorable Jannett Dunnigan of the 12th Circuit Family Court, a college-educated father was denied permission to home school his 10-year-old daughter after the daughter missed 44 days of school under the care and custody of the former wife.
    Judge Dunnigan also stated, “I am finding, sir, that you have failed to show that you either have the capability of home schooling, or that home schooling would be in the child’s best interest.”
    Put the child back into the school system, though the school district can neither account for the 44 missed days nor did they trigger any investigation for excess absences or truancy reports as required by law and the Florida statutes. The failure of the school system has caused my daughter not to meet the attendance requirement.
    I believe every parent has the God-given right to raise their children with the least amount of government interference, as protected by our Constitution.
    Family court is broken beyond repair. It’s time to dismantle the current draconian system that encourages high-conflict attorneys for both sides, and if one side cannot afford an attorney, well, you see the result it has on pro se litigants.
    Where’s the “Family” in the 12th Circuit Family Courts, because I don’t see it,
    As always,
    Glen Gibellina

  • Glen Gibellina

    Fighting war against terrorists in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is a diversion to keep the citizens of the United States distracted about the terrorist psychopaths in the American Legal System.
    I have discovered that there is no access to the United States legal system for the middle class and poor of the United States. I came to these courts asking for justice and I left further …injured. When I asked the legislature and the administrative system that is set up to oversee the legal system, I was sent a curt response that no laws or ethics had been violated. These administrative personnel have condoned the use of terror in our court system. The administrative personnel and/ or pathology personalities have colluded with the crooks of the system and have become supporters of terror (tools of the psychopath). Our courts have become tools for the wealthy to oppress the poor.
    I have recently discovered that there are administrative laws on the books of each state. Although these laws are not available to the public, you must have access to the legal search engines to find these laws. You will need to go to a law library and use the legal search engines to find the laws of your state.
    This is another aspect of terrorism, keep the rules secret, and run by a secret organization that is not monitored by public citizens.
    I am not an attorney and after I have seen what attorneys do, I would never become a part of this terrorist organization which support techniques of abuse used by pathological personalities. You must adhere to the rules of the crime boss to continue to practice law and if you decide to “spill the beans to the public”, you will fear physical and financial death.
    The terror system that I faced was family court. This court claims to assist families in the state break the state contract of marriage. They actually post the motto: “Helping the families of Florida”. While in reality, they are torturing and committing Florida families to a life of torture and grave danger; financially, physically and emotionally.
    I am unable to afford an attorney and the system wants me to go away and accept the crimes they have committed. This court system has caused complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an injury that many terrorist organizations skillfully employ to damage and keep the victim lifeless and quiet.
    The same occurs all over the nation. Our system of justice plays favorites; you are a favorite until the money runs out or if you have more money than the other spouse. Divorce to a personality disorder is war and there are disordered attorneys who also have no conscience. I hope that one day we will all be able to heal and join together to stop the legal torture of vulnerable citizens.
    Without a dispassionate and objective justice system based directly on the Constitution there can be no justice. Individuals must know they can have justice despite income or condition. Without these conditions being met no free market is possible. We provide tools for the accomplishment of this, the true justice, enacted by the people.
    As always: FOLLOW THE MONEY

  • Kimberly Brown

    My huband was tried on a cattle rustling case and we put a motion of recusal and Parker so generously recused himself and handed it to Hall! We one upped them and put in a last minute motion for change of Judge and the morning of court when we expected to see Hall walk in The state sent a Judge from Sarasota to reside over the trial. She aquitted him of all the 12 counts against him, she seen right through their circle. They had the man that stole the cattle already and had sentnced him and everything… Unfortunatly he had a DWLS bundled in with it and Parker sentensed him to 2 years in prison. She was only sent over to preside the cattle case not the DWLS. He didnt even have enough points to go to prison, his attny was told to “sit down and shut up” when our lawyer told him a motion having him removed was being processed Parker said “well I aint off it yet” and said 2 yrs DOC! The “good ol boys” won again…. Its ok they have to face a Judge one day and I pity them!!!! My husband is well known here in Desoto County, the deputies even hired him to do specific jobs for them ***wink*** but we dont talk about that do we boys…..This place is corrupt from top down and someone needs to remove Parker from his seat. I just wonder how many poor people in Desoto county, ones without lawyers have been wrongly convicted because of this, “slap on the back, we made dinner, wanna join me GROUP of liars and unjust Judges and public defenders”!!!!!!

  • candace

    Two years ago my incompetant parent sibling and her equally incompetant spouse were too busy playing video games to notice that my 2 year old nephew was missing. He was found in the swimming pool, drowned.

    Although we did our best to be supportive, my sibling took the two older boys away from the family. Despite the fact that my mother had done nothing to antagonize her, other than talk to her grandsons as they walked past our house to go to school, my sibling then filed for a restraining order which judge Parker granted! With absolutely NO GROUNDS! To make matters worse, charges have never been filed against the two parents! EVEN THOUGH six months before my nephews death I called DCF and specifically warned them about the lack of parental supervision, the presence of a pool and the presence of my toddler nephew. DCF did nothing, and still have done nothing.

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