It Is Infuriating, It’s Frustrating,It’s Maddening,It’s The Judaical System

Are you a MAD non-custodial Parent? Let’s change that in 2011

December 25th, 2010

gavel_cash.jpgLet’s face it, you have a right to be mad.  No longer are you hugging your children and putting them to bed.  Most likely, if you are like the majority of Fathers and some Mothers, who have been kicked out of the life of their children by a system of wanna be judges (commissioners) who don’t follow the rule of law and provide for the Best interest of the Child, but merely make ruling that favor their funded seat by the local division of Child Support via Federal Title IV Social Security funding.

It is infuriating.   It’s frustrating.  It’s maddening.

It is infuriating, It’s frustrating,It’s maddening It's Robin Jensen and Brena Slater

For 2011 it’s time to make it fun.  Let’s face it, you can change this by yourself!  You can’t, don’t be a fool thinking you can.   But, you can make this fun for yourself and make it frustrating for those that frustrate loving parents.

Start with agencies in your state.  Learn the Public Records Act for your State.  It’s a huge tool in your arsenal.  Think about this – send a letter to the head of your Child Support Agency, ask for all of his email for the past 30 days.   Go ahead, read them, find out who else he is talking with on a regular basis, and what the subject it.  Next, ask for their emails, and see who they are talking to, and what they are doing.   You will begin to see where the bodies are buried in their despicable business.   Next, start requesting documents from their organization.

Secondly, while you are busy getting into their emails, request a copy of their policy manual – the procedural book on how they do business.   Read it like you work there.  Then read those emails and find where they are violating their own policy manual.   Go after them when you find things they are violating.   Send emails directly to the person violating the policy manual, and copy the direct, along with members of the local media and the legislature.  Might as well make sure they get the notoriety they deserve.

Next, find a few similarly situated parents and start hanging out at the courthouse.  Sit in on some cases, watch how the commissioners violate the law and their canons.  Make Judicial Conduct Complaints when they abuse people – via the tone of their nasty voice, the things they call people, the biased actions they take.  It only takes a concerned citizen to make a complaint.  Make sure you are noticeable in the courtroom, so they behave when you are there.  Were a bright shirt, a wild tie, or something professional and noticeable.

In 2011, your cup is no longer half empty.  It is now Half Full!  It’s up to you to fill it the rest of the way in the name of our children.  Refuse to allow them to go through what you went through.  Don’t allow their children to be robbed.  This is your World War, as your children mean the World to you, and you need to protect their rights now, to ensure the next generation isn’t cheated by Courtroom cheats!

We need to put an end to the harassment & discrimination by DCF. DCF has been acting out Illegally for years!! Children everyday are being abducted and put into foster homes Children are being abused, neglected & even murdered in state care foster homes.These criminals need to be stopped. Robin K Jensen and Brena Slater Sarasota, Florida. They are violating our civil, constitutional & parental rights!!


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    My Grandchildren where taken in TN. June the 3 2010. have done everything but still they are in D.C.S CUSDTOY. don’t know which way to
    turn. I want my grandchildren home,I don’t want another Birthday or
    Holiday to go by without them. our lives our so empty.
    and your heart are missing these three Angels.
    Thank you

    Carolyn Tubb


    IF anyone can help please get in touches

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