Is Governor Rick Scott Playing Ostrich?

Archive Spam Delete Move to Inbox Labels More 1 of 147 DCF Reply |randy kluge to Governor, SR_C12_Client_. show details 4:05 PM (23 hours ago) On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 1:35 PM, SR_C12_Client_Relations wrote: To: Randy Kluge

Dear Mr. Kluge:

We are in receipt of your recent e-mail to Governor Rick Scott. I have been asked to respond to you on the behalf of the Governor. As you are aware, the court recently determined that you are no longer a party to this case, so I cannot discuss specific details with you. In addition, this case was reviewed by our Family Safety program office, which has determined that it has been handled appropriately and according to the laws of Florida. I apologize that the outcome of this child welfare case does not meet your desires.

Sincerely, April May

April May,
Client and Community Relations
Department of Children and Families Sarasota Fl

DCF has to lied to take children, “Absolute POWER corrupts absolutely”, DCF is too powerful and when you file a complaint DCF investigates DCF. It’s like having the fox watch the chicken coop, it works out real well for DCF. What DCF is doing is wrong, cruel, heartless, and destroying families with their lies time and time again.

Where is the best interest of the child? Dulce was with me and my family two and a half years, seven of which DCF was aware. She was happy and healthy, and being loved and cared for. Where is the best interest of the child? I have given you a lot of proof of the lies said and done by Robin Jensen. I have researched DCF and found hundreds of problems with DCF lying to take children.

Just because the judge said I was not a party does not mean he is right. Dulce was taken by lies that the judge was not aware of. April, will you put your head in the sand or stand up for what is right?

The Florida Judicial System and DCF is like one big Mafia Crime Family of crooks protecting each other.

I will always be a party. I am father of Dulce not by blood but by making the commitment to Dulce and her mom. I would always be there for her and love her as my own. Robin Jensen is a dishonest employee of DCF that took Dulce through lies. Robin Jensen knew Dulce was with us for the last seven months full time and Jensen told my lawyer she was going to leave Dulce with us because she was well established and happy.

I have been investigated for nine months with 4 or 5 investigations closed. Why? Because I did not do what they say. When is enough, enough? How much more of the tax payers money will be wasted by Robin Jensen – DCF? Yes I am still being investigated but that is no reason why Robin Jensen should not be investigated and punished for her lies to persuade the judge.

Randy   941-915-1046

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7 comments to Is Governor Rick Scott Playing Ostrich?

  • Karl

    Rick Scott,

    Once a crook always a crook

  • Lies Lies Lies, that is how these heinous creatures operate. People need to record everything when dealing with CPS. Phone calls, visits, conversations, and keep a diary as well.
    Help Fight CPS in the US

  • Renee

    what strikes me about this reply is that they believe everything was handled correctly. However this is based on dcf information, if dcf is lieing they cannot make an educated conclusion. I have learned through my own experience that if it is said by dcf it simply is. There is no one you can go to that will look past what they say, period. DCF is bigger than god. Proof of lies mean nothing. We have no rights, and they answer to no one.

  • Ken

    This is the party line of all shysters and politicians and their criminal child kidnapping racket. They never admit that anything was handled IN-appropriately. As for whether or not someone is a “party” to a case, or continues to be a “party”, this is all at the discretion of the racketeers. Is someone observing war crimes not a “party” because the war criminal decides they are NOT a party? We, the people, are not stupid. We know you politicians, anti-social workers, DCF bureaucrats and recipients of Federal money for child kidnapping schemes are CRIMINALS, in any LAW recognized by normal, moral people. When immoral criminals control the law, it becomes meaningless, and is rightfully DIS-respected and NOT HONORED by the people. The “law” needs to be something which THE PEOPLE, and not a bunch of state controlled racketeers, has input and control. As for the specialized “education”, shyster and “legal” education is now strictly for the purposes of restricting access and also to ride herd on any licensed practitioners from straying away from the mandates of the crooks in charge. A revolution is needed, in every sense of the word.

  • Jessica Smith

    I have evidence on my own case here in Wyoming that the director or CPS told me was missing…. he asked me to send it to him… I called back a week later and instead of looking at it he sent it back to the district director who was in an appeal hearing where her SW admitted to committing perjury!!! Then the director sent me a similar letter stating all laws were followed??? They white wash the files then no one will look at your file…. this way everyone can say I did not know what was going on!! They know they are lying!

  • Bill Medvecky

    These are the exact same ghouls who vetted the future “Parents” of Nubia and Victor Barahona.

    They sure did a bang-up job on that one, didn’t they?

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