Innocence Destroyed By CPS And DCF

We need to put an end to the harassment & discrimination by Child Protective Services and Department of Children & Families has been acting out Illegally for years!! Children everyday are being abducted and put into foster homes, Children are being abused, neglected & even murdered in state care foster homes.

These criminals need to be stopped. They are violating our civil, constitutional & parental rights!!
Foster care is suppose to Help Children in need & instead they are kidnapping our children & making a profit off of them. They have destroyed the lives of many families, especially their Children! These families struggle everyday trying to fix what has been broken. Most never do.


4 comments to Innocence Destroyed By CPS And DCF

  • classmom2

    Awesome Video…..BILL Bowen…..YOU are another TRUE HERO who was “MURDERED BY OUR GOVERNMENT

  • randy

    Bill Bowen you are great keep up the good work.

  • Jody Mahoney

    Perry County, Indianna………..all the attourneys and the judge are related……..I still am in the dark about my grandson….have not heard his voice for over a year now….they even made me quit taking pictures…knowing I got a life threating disease….this has been CRUEL…….

  • Mary Chewning

    Hi everyone my name is mary chewning, daughter of Jody Tracy Mahoney. I do sincerly realize the comments here are specifically in regards to dcs, ect…. I would like to reply by saying I do believe, and have seen the goverment agencies be abusive, and neglagent to many childerns needs, and the evironment they SHOULD really be in………It’s very sad. I am a resident of perry county Indiana, and iv’e witnessed it first hand. The experience was torture. With that said without going into to much detail of that particular situation. I would like to say that I myself wish that dcfs would have got involved in my childhood. They could have help me tremoundously. They seem to be more in situations that really don’t need them, rather than be in situations of true abuse, and neglect. I’m almost 27 years old, and i’m still trying to recover from all the torture of my childhood experiences. I want to make it very clear that my son JADEN CHEWNING whom is well known by my mother Jody Mahoney. He is fine, safe, and loved. It would be absoluty wrong for my mother to attemp custody rights to my son. enough said, thanks to all who gave me the time and experiance to vent the true side of the dcs/home environments. you heard it here first, from the reiable source. GOD BLESS ALL

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