HOUSTON – Child Protective Services Is Being Ordered To Stay Away From A Child

Mother accuses CPS of neglecting child

by Jeremy Desel / KHOU 11 News


Posted on September 29, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Updated yesterday at 12:21 AM


HOUSTON – Child Protective Services is being ordered to stay away from a child, due to what happened to the girl while she was in the agency’s custody.

Jaime Brown, the girl’s mother, said it’s been a long fight.

“I felt very helpless. Very helpless, and very alone,” she said.

Brown’s daughter was taken from her by Child Protective Services in July of 2009, because of allegations of neglect.

Brown claims it is all a big mix-up.

“I was horrified. I did not know what was happening. I wanted to help her and I couldn’t,” she said.

After 18 months in a CPS overseen group home 14-year-old Christianne ran.

”The case worker called (her) mom and said she ran away, but you find her, you can keep her,” said Julie Ketterman, the Brown’s attorney.

That is exactly what her mother did. After Brown found her daughter and made sure that she was safe, her attorney went to court turning the tables on CPS asking for a protective order against Child Protective Services, because of what allegedly happened when Christianne was in CPS’s care.

“She was beat up quite a bit. There was the running away. She has braces and the wires were literally falling off of her teeth,” Ketterman said.

In August of this year the Brazoria County court ruled in her favor granting a protective order saying:

“(CPS) engaged in conduct constituting family violence and good cause exists for issuance of a protective order…in best interest of the child.”

It is a one-page ruling with big potential impact.

“It could snowball,” said Ketterman.

That is because if you apply CPS’s own rules when it comes to child placement, CPS may now have a problem.

“If there is a finding of child abuse or neglect or family violence, then you no longer qualify to have a child placed,” said Ketterman.

Now it is the agency itself that now has this finding of abuse. A hearing in Brazoria County could make the order against CPS permanent for two years. We contacted CPS and the agency told us simply that they would be answering the allegations in court.




27 comments to HOUSTON – Child Protective Services Is Being Ordered To Stay Away From A Child

  • Pam Deal

    CPS is in Cahoots with all court systems.. this is not something new.. abuse is rampant in placement homes.. the news is littered with stories…time for all this to stop.. stealing kids.. selling kids.. abusing kids.. the list is endless…

  • Kellie

    CPS being kept away from a child, is the best news I have heard all day. Let’s hope this continues.

  • MA Jones

    CPS is the most corrupt and damaging government and private agency there is – they destroy good families, and – conveniently – ignore real abuse (so that when all hell breaks lose, they get “bad publicity” which always translates into more power and money for them).

    CPS is actually responsible for far more abuse and child deaths than parents, by far. This was verified several years ago by a child protection organization in the USA. A child is far more at risk in foster “care”.

  • No'More Lies

    My daughter was 5 years old when she was RAPED by her foster dad… She came home literally traumatized for two years.

  • Cathy Clark

    YES!! Child welfare can actually destroy a childhood,leave children in abusive homes,rip children away from people who truly love them. Please read my story. 40years hasn’t changed it.”Surviving the System-Autobiography of a Foster Child”. Rev.Boyd Wagner from Missouri City saw it firsthand. Email me for the Ebook cathykeepstrying@yahoo.com

  • jwhitehawke

    For every child in their custody and control CPS and courts get big bucks from parents AND government. It’s a big business. Kids are commodities.

  • Molly Shannon

    CPS is a corrupt organization that removes children from good homes for money. And it often leaves children in bad homes when they see no profit to be made.

  • It’s about time someone put a protective order against cps, the are the very definitions of abuse and should not be allowed such easy access to children.

  • Dody

    Thank God. Just thank God. If everyone were to stand up like this mother did, how quickly would these kidnappers be put into their place?

  • Susan

    Neglect? What did she do? Forget to put the vegetables in her daughters lunch box? I hope this sets a precedent so other parents can get restraining orders against CPS.

  • Jeff

    I was once taken from my parents when i was a kid, put in a group home, beaten everyday,sexually assaulted every day by staff and other boys.when i turned 18 i was released, i killed 9 out of the 10 men who sexually assualted me when i was just a little boy. I did 15 yrs in prison for involuntary manslaughter an was released a few years ago. But i was awarded $4.5 million after I got out of prison for the suffering of sexual abuse and trama that was inflicted on me while i was a boy. Basically the state paid me for killing 9 Pedophiles an the last one got life in prison with no parole.Who killed himself anyway. Long story short. Sone do servive and come out on top.

    • My heart hurts for you, and I hope you tell your story to improve others outcomes. Take care.

    • texas mom

      Jeff i just wanted to let you know that there is at least one good thing to come from cps i have three babies that i have adopted yes they are my niece and nephews by blood but my babies by adoption their birth mom is on drugs so to keep them from going into the system my husband and i took them now they are beautiful loving out spoken children that i would protect with my life just wanted to share a positive story for u cause all you been through don’t get me wrong i agree with everyone else on here about the corruption

  • Angelina Flores

    God I wish I had known about the so many things I could have done to protect my children from cps back then. My babies were adopted out after I jumped through hoops for 2 years doing everything I could to get them back. It breaks my heart all over again everyday I think of it. My oldest daughter was molested in a foster home and started molesting her younger sister and cps took her from her paternal grandparents over them asking for help over it! I have been in the system myself when I was a kid. I cry at night knowing what I went through and knowing my kids may be going through the same thing.

  • There is a new topic sweeping the nation “sex trafficking”. Foster care children are sexual exploited at high percentages. Nat Center for Missing & Exploited Children estimate 66% of children exploited came from foster care. When a teen runs away, if the biological family doesn’t look for them, no one does. If they are sexually exploited they might remain traumatized, exploit others, be targeted & recruited into the sex trade. SPEAK up in your communities/state. Sexually exploitation in child welfare is huge 70-90% of the alumni I speak to and advocate with have been sexually abused while in care. Its child welfare’s dirty little secrete, and needs to be exposed. Victims often don’t always come forward, are mentally controlled, and scared to speak up, have low self esteem. There are several national foster care organizations involved in improving policy: Foster Club, CASEY Family Programs, Foster Care Alumni of America.

    • Raquel Okyay

      Dear Dr. Dorsett:

      Thank you so much for your comments. Randy Kluge(the owner of this site) and I are trying desperately to educate the public about the corruption in child welfare. One of our biggest contentions is that many of these children should never been removed from their homes to begin with.

      So, it’s not just that they are removing children from loving families for money but they are intentionally putting them in REAL danger. Then they go around with smiles on their faces pretending they are the heroes, when really they are the masters of abuse.

      When I talk to people about this problem, unless it has happened to them directly, they simply cannot grasp how evil and real state sponsored child trafficking and sex trafficking has become. So they deny it happens or they choose to ignore.

      The U.S.A. is stealing and sex trafficking kids and it seems like no one gives a damn. It’s heart-wrenching for me. I’d like all these animals to go to jail for their crimes against humanity.

      Do you see this coming to end??

  • tammyrisa

    This same thing happened to me. This alarming trend is happening to good mothers across our country. It’s called CHILD TRAFFICKING by the courts. My daughter and son was ripped out of my life and I was not allowed any contact whatsoever for two and a half years till my daughter ran away out of fear for her life. Now they want to take her away from me and back down to the abusive home and arrest me. I have no record of drugs, neglect, alcohol abuse or mental issues, yet the courts felt an abusive father and step mother with a history of violence including loss of custody and protective orders were better fit. The step mother, Deborah Juliano got herself a position as a GAL in the same court as the judge in the 15th Judicial Circuit of Palm Beach County, Florida prior to him signing the order.

  • Charles Haas

    My children were taken years ago and with NO good reason and it destroyed our home and my childrens relationship with me forever and it now can never be repaired. These people don”t care what it does to the kids or the parents. I hope they rot in hell for what thay can do to some people with NO reguard or thought for anyone but their agency. My children will never know their father for what has been done to me and them. I pray every day for their safety and have for the last 15 years.

  • Thelma

    Are they not gonna do anything to the home that the child was placed in?

  • Carol


  • we have 2 foster children in our care cps is a undermining sneakey goverment inity that no one oversees i have wrote the attorney general 10 or so times on subjects of them dropping the ball on care meetings that get put off for one reason or another paying for daycare, visits at different places cause our caseworker has to maney cases or she is sick or on leave traing this world needs to get back to bases on go on facts a call from anyone about neglect or abuse all they see is place somewhere while we investigate to move them to strangers that they dont know then they get scared or emontional they say they need counciling they dont know who there placed at parents wake the heck up take care of them the goverment takes and and takes there all about money for them no matter who gets hurt………….

  • Diane H Dolan

    This is so totally needed to spotlight and end. These children are not given a chance. Please speak out and follow through..it is what we must do

  • Connie Howard

    CPS in Caddo Mills, Texas Hunt County needs to be investigated!!!!!

  • mary

    this needs to happen in st Lawrence county ny they are all people on a power trip that make kids that need help stay in bad situations but kids that are fine they make problems in the home just to take them or just flat out lie and make there own laws


    my name is susie and i have been targeted by cps.i lived in a public housing unit.i was accused,my children were extremely shy and did not talk alot.my life was turned upside down.i have mental breakdowns.i never hit my children.i will never forget or forgive cps for what they have done to my family.they were never able to get my children from me.i was a good mom,my children never wanted for anything.the sad part is.i prayed to god for them to grow up fast,so cps could’nt try to take them from me.my kids are 20 and 19.

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