Honest DCF Employees

Yes, there are some honest employees working for DCF (Department of Children and Family).  Here’s one we found and her story.

On March 29, 2011, Michelle Rosell, a social worker with DCF (Department of Children and Families), came to our house. During this visit, Michelle Rosell asked, ” Why do you have this child?” (Dulce)

My wife’s response was,” Her daddy is at work so…” My wife did not know where Michelle Rosell was heading with that question, or what she was trying to imply.

Michelle Rosell said, “So why is this baby with your family?”

So my wife responded, “Dulce’s mother is sick mentally and we are helping take care of her child.”

My wife then asked, “Are you taking the baby today?”

Then Michelle Rosell responded, “I do not know yet.”

Rosell then made a phone call; my wife could tell she was agitated. Rosell was pacing the house, going inside and out. My wife felt something was not right. Rosell told my wife that Dulce was very comfortable sitting on the couch with her big sister, in the home that she knew to be her own.  The house was clean, and even the dogs were very well behaved.

Michelle Rosell, I want to thank you you being an honest and caring social worker for DCF and not part of the corruption. Please do not let your power as an employee with DCF go to your head as some of your other co-workers have.

To the employees of DCF:  There is a whistle-blowing act that protects you from losing your job if you report the corruption of your coworkers.


“The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do
anything about it”.
-Albert Einstein


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