Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF are you honest?

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Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF are you honest?

“The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do
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8 comments to Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF are you honest?

  • Mandy W.

    DFPS (TX CPS) came to my home a day after having a falling out w/ our neighbors. The allegations of drug abuse, mental issues, extreme verbal abuse, & severe neglect were dumb founding. We (my husband & I) passed our drug tests, & disproved every allegation that could be disproved yet our male CPS agent Corwin Elliott still took it upon himself to let us know, “don’t be to happy about passing the drug tests because can come back at anytime & test you again, because of your past you will be under continued investigation.” I even claified that it had nothing to do w/ anything discovered during this investigation it was solely on the fact we were honest about our past w/ him. My husband & I are & have been for quite some time in recovery (we are both addict/alcoholics) & as a child & adolescent I endured a lot of trama. Though because of that trama I have made it my driving force to be a better parent than I had & arm my children with knowledge about their bodies & boundries and that even mom & dad are to respect that. Which made what happened next all the worse. Corwin wanted to do a “visual exam” though a strip search” is a more appropiate title. Let me add that prior to this my husband & I both had no knowledge or experience with CPS, so to our best knowledge if you didn’t cooperate CPS could take your children right then & there. So even though we were present we felt completely helpless to the situation & I should add that I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worse enemy. I did explain to my 5 & 3yo girls that this was not ok & they were to never let anyone do this to them again & the only reason it was happening now was because mom & dad were here. My 5yo was stripped down to her panties & my 3yo was also stripped down to her panties & had to have her bare backside exposed to him. Yeah it still makes my heart break think of that. For weeks after my girls would ask me, “Mommy is that stranger going to come back & make me take my clothes off?” Even 9 months after the fact they still hide when they see cars drive by afraid it might be CPS again (we live out in the middle of no where so cars don’t drive by to often). I did make a formal complaint with the head office of CPS in TX & talk w/ Corwins supervisor though nothing happened & they felt he did nothing out of bounds. It also took over 3 months to close our case (in Tx a CPS agent has 30 days to make a determination on a case) & they reason it was closed when it was, was because of the supervisor taking over. Even though the case has been closed it hasen’t taken away the long term damage to my children. My 5 yo since then has been exhibiting all the signs of a child who has been sexually abused, & being a low income family my children have medicaid (state healthcare) so the only option for help w/ it is pills & CPS said the only way they would help the damage inflicted on my children is if I was found to be abusing them, WOW best interest of the child!

  • cher

    So sad ……sorry u and your family had to encounter such trauma. Sending my prayers from Ftw Texas

  • christine

    I had to take my daughter to a domestic shelter CALLED THE DAWN CENTER in Spring Hill, we we’re there from Nov 26th of 2012 till Feb 8th 2013 and that’s when the nightmare begins.. At this so called so safe place where my daughter was abused and hit by other children and called nasty names I had the supervisor call DCF on me. Not cause I had neglected or abused my girl cause of a script med I was taking!!!!And she also LIED and said I was at the bus stop for 2 hrs waiting for the bus.. Now thank god II wasn’t dead and no one checked on me huh. They have video but for some reason they didn’t have it recorded that day( go figure). I wasn’t the only parent there that was called on. I found a place for my daughter and I and moved the hell out of there…I remember on the morning of Feb 13th of 2013 driving my 7 yr old daughter to school (her 1st day),and telling her to have a good 1st day and pay attention and listen and be good.. Last I told her is… I LOVE YOU CUPCAKE… I had waiting at the bus stop as she was to ride it home,, and there was no child of mine on the bus…. Naturally I was in a panic not sure what happened. I was going to call 911 and now looking back I wish to GOD I DID!!!!! I ended up getting a call from DCF and they kidnapped my daughter from school, I can only imagine on how she felt and so scared as she was taught NOT to go with strangers.. Well here it is now Nov 24th and she is still in foster care… DCF kept complaining it was the script med I was on and got cleared from 2 Dr.s and haven’t taking anything since Feb13th! I go to court about every 2 weeks. She has been to 5 schools as of now since Feb and cant figure out how the hell this is “helping” her…She’s been called names in Foster care her new Apple Ipod was “stolen” that Santa brought her this past Christmas, and DCF treats her like a stray animal and moves her from place to place… All they have done is brought TRAUMA and Bad Memories to her life.. The Case Manager told my daughter.”If your bad 1 more time we’re moving you far away”.. well she’s now almost 2 hrs from me and I only get to see her every Tuesday for about 1 1/2 hrs. It’s been my daughter and that’s it all her life.. I feel for her everyday All I know is she is a very strong, adaptable, honest, loving and caring child.. She has been taught by DCF how they lie as she said to me, mommy can’t anyone tell the same story……. They (DCF) don’t have my daughter fooled at all. And as we all know DCF doesn’t “HELP” the families that “need” it they TRY to DESTROY and BREAK US DOWN… Well my daughter knows DCF can’t take OUR LOVE ,HEARTS AND MIND….. I think it time to have to involve the MEDIA as this seem’s to happen to the parent’s who do love and care for our children!!!!! Have you ever seen a case managers supervisor eat a rice crispy treat in the front row of a courtroom where the judge can see her in plain view????????? Then you need to go to Hernando County court…. Such Disrespect and they think they can judge others…..what a joke…….

    • Jane

      My daughter was taken Feb. 13, 2013 as well! Who was the CPI that took your little girl? Did you go before Judge Tatti? Were you appointed a lawyer at your shelter hearing? Lisa Yeager?
      I still don’t have my daughter back and am trying to gather as many other cases as possible to show that DCF and CHS abuse there power, lie and destroy families. I would love to hear from you Christine, maybe we can work together to show the abuses of the system.

  • mami

    I need HELP PLEASE. I am writing you because NO ONE CARES about this children getting abused. I have been reporting the abuse since February to child protection services, police department, sheriff’s department and many other agencies in Henry County, Georgia. The detective that was assigned to the case wanted to arrest the woman. He went to magistrate to ask judge Jones for a warrant for her arrest and judge Jones reply was that it was ok, that he didn’t see anything wrong. I left all kinds of evidence at all the agencies I named above which consisted of a video recording which if you go to my page you will be able to view it, audio recording of her confession that she hit the children for 5,6,7 minutes or longer or until they stop crying and also in the same recording admitting that she knows she needs help because she knows she is mentally unstable and disturbed, pictures of the object that she hit the children with, gallons of urine due that she was to lazy to go upstairs to use the restroom her and her 2 children would first peed on a cup and when she would feel like putting it in the gallon then she would pour all of it. I have caught the youngest son drinking out of a cup with urine in it. I have caught the children playing with her sex toys, she had been caught plenty of times mastubating in front of the children. She have destroyed those children, oldest 5 years old and youngest 3 years old, mentally, emotionally, physically and in any kind of bad ways. She calls them “jerk, bastard, idiots, garbage, piece of shit, she threatens them that she should have kill them when they were born, that if they say anything about that she hits them that she is going to throw them in a trash can and they would never ever see her again, she punches them on the head, stomach, thighs or where ever in the back, is horrible. Many of my friends have seen her in action as well. This woman just had a baby on the 9th of march. She left Georgia on the 8th with her parents and 2 children running from the authorities and moved to Broward County in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and she was 3cm dilated when she left Georgia and when they got there she went straight to the hospital. I have also reported everything to all the Agencies in the Broward County but they refuse to do anything because the abuse happened in Georgia therefore they want nothing to do with the case and for someone from Georgia picks her and the family up. I AM BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO PLEASE HELP THESE CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY ARE IN DANGER AND THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO REPORT ABUSE, MOLESTATIOM. I AM BEING THESE CHILDREN ‘S VOICE, PLEASE CONTACT ME, COME TO MY HOUSE AND PLEASE I DON’T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL IS TO LATE FOR SOMEONE TO COME AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Both CPS in Henry County, Georgia and Broward County, Florida are are NOT DOING ANYTHING TO KEEP THOSE CHILDREN SAVE, AND DON’T EVEN RETURN CALLS NOR ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.

  • Monica

    I worked in social services for a long time. All of these comments and ideas of getting “stock” for babies is absolutely ridiculous and untrue. We are one of the worst paid states for social workers and our hours are endless. Let me explain something: the system was designed NOT to make it easy to get your kids removed. If you get your kids removed it is because something drastic has occurred not because someone is out to “get you.” Maybe, what you all need is a mental health evaluation and some medication.

  • randy

    Monica you work for the most corrupt division of the government DCF. Yes you do receive federal dollars for taking children.Yes you are powerful and if you do not like someone will lie,Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Raquel Okyay

    Monica, wake up. All these comments are real people with a real and serious gripe. Yes, CPS kidnaps kids for profit. It’s not a big secret. The more children the state takes into custody, the more money. “Each child in the state of Florida has a bounty on their head.” Former Guardian ad Litem If CPS stopped snatching kids altogether, lives would be saved. Smug social workers think they are doing the world a favor removing children from their homes and dumping them with strangers. You are not helping anyone. You’re destroying the foundation of America. If I saw a CPS worker bleeding in the street I’d kick them that’s how sure I am the state steals children from good families for profit.

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