“Get Out of Our House.” United States House of Representatives

Get Out Of Our House! A NON-Partisan, national plan to replace career Politicians in the US House with Citizen Legislators.

GOOOH has 3 principles, each is a contract between you and your Citizen Legislator:

  1. Accountability
  2. Term Limits
  3. Eliminate Special Interest Money

GOOOH’s Strategy for 2012 (click here)

Tim Cox – Tim is the founder of GOOOH and author of “Get Out Of Our House: Revolution!” Tim has a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from St. Edwards. Click here to view Tim’s full biography.

From GOOOH Founder, Tim Cox:

GOOOH (pronounced “go”) stands for “Get Out of Our House.” It is a non-partisan plan to replace the career politicians in the United States House of Representatives with true citizen representatives.

GOOOH claims the two-party system is broken, and that elected officials no longer represent the members of their district. They have become “professional politicians” who serve their parties, the special interest groups who fund them, and their own political career. As proof, the group cites polls that show only a small percent of Americans believe the current representatives deserve to be re-elected, but 95 percent of incumbents are historically re-elected.

GOOOH proposes a new method for choosing candidates. The plan is detailed in the book Get Out Of Our House: Revolution! Members will be randomly sorted into pools of ten, within their congressional district, and each group will select two candidates to represent that group. Those chosen will advance and be grouped into new pools of ten. The process will repeat until the final pool of ten chooses a single candidate, who becomes the GOOOH candidate for that district.

GOOOH seeks to return to the Founding Fathers vision of a Constitutional Republic in which citizen legislators serve a limited number of Congressional terms and represent the interests of the people in their district.

GOOOH is a non-partisan candidate selection process. It is not a political party with an agenda-based platform. Each chosen candidate will determine how to compete, but it is the stated intention of GOOOH to run in the primaries against the incumbents. Instead, it requires candidates to clearly state their own personal platforms via a Candidate Questionnaire and then to live up to their commitments. GOOOH requires that participants in the process agree to vote for a term limits (currently proposed as 2) in order to ensure the chosen leaders stay in touch with the needs of their district. It claims that those who serve for extended periods become career politicians who focus more on getting re-elected than doing what is needed. GOOOH aims to put an end to wasteful spending and cronyism in the American political system. Another of GOOOH’s goals is to remove the influence of money from the election process. They intend to raise the needed funds via member donations member crowdfunding and prohibit outside campaign contributions.


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