Former DCF Employee Shares Experience


Previosly worked with them (DCF). I see why they have the reputation that they have. The agency is so sloppily ran, it got to a point where I was embarrassed to let anyone know that I worked for them. If you are lazy, sloppy and like to falsify documents and computer records and make it look like you’re working, and an overall LIER, CHEATER, AND THIEF, DCF IS THE PLACE TO WORK. If you’re professional, have integrity and a decent character, STAY AWAY FROM DCF. I worked for several state agencys throughout my careeer in the State of Florida. To me, DCF was the worst. Dept. of Corrections was the best.


Miami, FL

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  • It is people like you who deserve a medal. Whistle blowers from DCF need to come forward as the governments can do nothing but take them seriously, your word holds more creedence than anyone, my hat is off to you.

    Expose DCF and CPS corruption in the United States

  • Trish

    This would hold more credibility if “liar” was spelled properly. Not that I don’t think it describes the Children’s Aid bang on, but I doubt a well educated social worker would make such an obvious spelling mistake.

  • A.G. Recall Child Abusing Judge Elizabeth Feffer. Click, download, sign and please mail in! A recall is the OFFICIAL LEGAL way to remove an unfit judge. WE CAN REMOVE CHLD ABUSING JUDGES ONE BY ONE AND LET THEM KNOW THAT WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS. PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR CHILDREN WHO ARE SUFFERING DAILY, RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!

  • That worker probably is not the same since the nervous breakdown from working there.

  • Men who have married and fathered children with sociopathic women face special challenges. They deserve all our love and support. The courts often do not recognize that a sociopathic woman is incapable of functioning as a mother. Fathers are left to helplessly watch as precious children suffer at the hands of their mother.

    The courts would be wise to get smart and take heed because studies of adopted children reveal a terrible truth about female sociopaths. Female sociopaths carry stronger genes for the disorder than do males. A mother is more likely to pass this trait to children she has never met than is a father.

    Even with a biologic mother who is a sociopath, children can do well if they receive exceptionally good parenting. If you are a man facing this situation, I invite you to visit Tips for Single Fathers, and to write Lovefraud with your story. We hope to one day be in the position to lobby for the rights of children of both male and female sociopaths.

  • u darn right they falsify documents I was already charged with neglect and it was already bad but my social had to right up a doc. for the family judge to read that was a total lie ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ making me look like a piece of shit ….she denied this till the end..because I did call her right in front of my sick mom who had cancer an my dying grandma…my s.w. had me going here going there I finally told her that she would be the death of my mom who had custody of my kids ..and I wasn’t lying my mom died sp custody went to my dad when finally I lost my baby girl ..what do ya know it was then that they closed my case!now her bio-dad has changed the call time 3 times breaking the c.o. I haven’t talked to my baby in 13 days she is 5 hours away I have a 14 yr old at home with me …an because I stay so distraught it has a negative impact on her!!!!!! ,…..good job dcbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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