Follow The Trail Of Corruption In Department Of Children And Families

Follow the trail of corruption, fear, or simply uncaring with Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Desoto County, the 12th Circuit court in Arcadia Florida, The Gaurdian Ad Litem, Safe Children Coalition.

They party, my family cries because of their lies.

How sad that not only are you harassed by those in powered, you a bullied, threatened and finally you have your family ripped apart. This is a pain that will be with me forever: but don’t worry about Dulce, Lisa Voigt, a DCF supervisor in Venice Florida,Sarasota County, told us don’t worry she will get over it. She came to our home and without showing a single piece of paperwork, took  Dulce. When ask why the supervisor of DCF was removing Dulce she said I don’t know.

Alexis Nevling, Safe Children Coalition Arcadia FL, told me she did not understand why the children were not with my Family. But  she never fought for Dulce maybe she was scared of Robin Jensen? If I knew then what I know now I would have been afraid too. I did not no any better thinking that since I had done nothing wrong and I was a good father, had no record, etc. I had nothing to fear.

Kelly A. Razzano  Executive Administrative Assistant Statewide Guardian ad Litem Office Tallahassee, Florida. Kelly Covered up lawyer for Guardian ad Litem Amy Clark, refusing to look at evidence just looking for a way out and to cover each other. She excels at this.

Alan.Abramowitz was a little higher up and he is still working on it, we will have to see?

Brena Slater, Department of Children and Families, Operations Manager, Suncoast Region said she cared, but all she tried to “trap” me into saying something I shouldn’t, never happened because I never did anything wrong, so uhmm let’s make something up to accusing Randy of so we can take the children.  In her office I was accused of yelling at them and threatening to kill them if they did not tell where Dulce was. By then I knew always take a witness, so I have a witness to testify this never happened. But that is okay they can lie.

Bronwyn_Stanford CLS Regional Director Children’s Legal Services Department of Children and Families, refused to talk to me because I had a lawyer, let him go, still refused to talk to me, I guess she was worried about her friend and co-worker  Robin Jensen

Pam Hindman, Refuse to let me talk to Supervisor 12th Circuit Director co-worker  Amy Clark Guardian ad Litem

John M. Jackson, Assistant General Counsel Department of Children and Families said no problem to get my court records assured me I would get them after all that is the law. Guess what never would call me back.

Kim Findley Executive Secretary gave me records for only one court case, but denied me my other records telling I knew I was not allowed my own court transcripts. Talk to Brena Slater, knew where that was going.

Terry Field Sarasota DCF SunCoast Region, Regional Manager, ask him to look at me case, I sent dozens of paper to him, sent him a witness list, notarized testimonials, and he not only contacted NO ONE he was so good he could open. and close a case in less than 24 hours. Robin Jensen and others thank him.

TAMPA, FL – Mike Carroll, Acting Suncoast Regional Director for the Department of Children and Families, said I had already been told they would not do anything. Way to search for the truth.

Judge James Parker, the Judge who threw out his own court reporter.

Robin Jensen? Just google her name. Robin Jensen Sarasota

I have a few more names to add but this is so sad I need to wrap it up.

This makes me so sad to see lies and corruption covered up by so many officers of the court, sworn to protect. I believe  that every child killed in DCF care, every child over medicated, every child abused, every child emotionally destroyed from this day forward should be on their conscience.
They should be held accountable because they were shown corruption and chose to cover it up or at best ignore it.


15 comments to Follow The Trail Of Corruption In Department Of Children And Families

  • It’s not just corruption in DCF, it’s corruption in the entire judicial system that takes children from their mothers and gives them to ANYONE else. WHY, WHY, WHY, WE ARE THE ONLY SPECIES THAT TAKES THE WEAK AND INNOCENT FROM THEIR PROTECTORS AND GIVES THEM TO STRANGERS. Strange men pretending to be “fathers” so they don’t have to pay child support. The ENTIRE SYSTEM IS FAILING MOTHERS AND CHILDREN our most precious relationship is being destroyed by greed and ignorance. GIVE ME A VOICE AND I WILL SPEAK! CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A BETTER FUTURE. The world is NOT WORKING the way it is supposed to because of greed and power. Give women a chance. Give grandmothers a chance. Give children a chance. GET THE COURTS OUT OF OUR LIVES AND LET US HAVE OUR CHILDREN BACK!

  • Why is it that NO ONE WILL TALK TO US? Why won’t any newsmedia take up the issue? Why can’t we fight in the courtrooms? We are told to be quiet. Don’t be emotional. “If there’s a court order, there’s nothing we can do” even when the court order was created based on lies and accusations by those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain… No ONE WILL TALK TO THE MOTHERS! WHY? We are the victims. We are the ones who are being abused and threatened, we are the ones who are losing our children and NO ONE WILL TALK TO US? I’m just the nanna in this case. I WAS the other parent until my daughter filed for child support THEN the men wanted the children and since they have attorneys on retainer to keep them out of jail and their families pay for everything THEY ARE HEARD AND WE ARE NOT! I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE. Why can we all get together and become a voice against this injustice? How many children have to die or be abused before the court system and CPS wake up and give us back our children? Sad for you, sad for me, sad for my daughter, most of all, sad for the children that want to be with their mommies… love to all, lonelynanna in florida

  • Jessica Rose

    I am an attorney in Jacksonville, Florida currently handling a care involving this exact issue. After hundreds and hundreds hours working and investigating, I have a news station anxious to run a story of it. In fact, both me and my client are being interviewed by the news on Tuesday about this issue. If anyone has any compelling comments or evidence that may be useful, please contact me. Thank you.

  • classmom2

    Dear Jessica Rose,

    I would love to talk to you about my case…I’m still in the court system after 16 yrs of Attorney Fraud, False Allegation of Child Abuse….etc…

    Please send me a message or contact info at


    Gloria H.

  • Katherine

    It is appalling that our culture sees a justifiable reason to take a child from their birth parents b/c fosters are available. Career fosters often divorce and remarry, why isn’t a birth parent given this opportunity? Our society has been nurtured and cultivated by government to accept the rights of fosters and adopters OVER birth parents, and this faulty reasoning is well engrained today. How did we get there? Well, how much does government pay? To fosters? Adopters? and all the supportive staff to make adoption flourish, ie. a) state employees, b) collateral professionals, such as lawyers, court personnel, court investigators, evaluators and guardians, judges, and c) DSS contracted vendors such as counselors, therapists, more “evaluators”, junk psychologists, residential facilities, and on and on and on….. How well does it pay? Are their pensions sufficient? Do they know or care that parents spend generations of family assets trying to regain custody of their children, and still cannot prevail against a corrupt SS judiciary? When the statistics of prevailing parties in SS cases is revealed, how does the public judge the overall success, and therefore judgement, of Social Services? How can the system be wrong when their stats prove them the victor case after case?

    How smug these people react to their powers of destruction. My children’s teachers helped my childrens molester and his bride get my children. I have been presenting hard evidence that was intentionally withheld from the D&N trial, for 5 years now. My voice has been silenced since two of these grade school teachers falsified a report of a violent crime THAT NEVER OCCURRED in order to get the courts to throw me in prison or issue gag orders to shut me up. I took the latter b/c I cannot fight for my children from prison. How brave you are Sarasota Crooked Lawyers to name names. I would still be doing the same, if able.

    SS finds weaknesses in families, and they pick at them like a scab until it bleeds. Their processes are frought with deception for the falsely accused. And “the best interest of the child” is a lie and a hoax purely designed to fool the masses, and we all lose.

  • Disguested

    I have a letter from DCF stating when my oldest child ( I have 2 children) is 18 and graduates from high school, the child support will not stop! They state this is a “Per Order” which does not state this on the final divorce order for child support. It does not even give a termination date either.I have been representing myself and with no luck, my current order states “with prejudice”. This was because the judge never read the files I filed with the clerk of court.I never presented it in court thinking he would have been familiar with the case. I recently went to court and was denied in regards to the law of emancipation.Filed a motion to vacate, went to court and again, Denied. Welcome to Florida, Anyone want to take on a landmark case?

  • The GAL in my case, was a disaster. I am happy to share any information that might be helpful to your client. A summary of my GAL experience is on my blog. Best wishes!

  • sally

    I actually have written proof of the lying going on and i showed it to my lawyer, he said that the Family first and the GAL program only “shaded” the information to look negative on my part, but a lie is a lie. I can not believe that i have to be put through this terrible storm all because some caseworker likes to “shade information in a negative light”. That keeps me from reuniting from my five year old daughter!

  • I am trying to understand how a private organization that is a branch of a fortune five hundred company (baptist health care) and the guardian ad litem program can cause permenent damage to a mother (PTSD) and to a child (separateing anxiety from beign separated from her mother after the tradgic accidental dealth of her twin sister) due to lack of adequate support and an empty promise for reunification. My lawyer, in over a year of trial, sat passively and watched the lying and misrepresentation go on while my child was crying and telling me that she was an orphan because the “people” would not let her live with me and she said she wants a magic wand for christmas that she can wave the wand and make the “people” allow her to live with mommy again”.
    -police needs to change and eyes need to be opened to the unjustice

  • Kelly Paulsen

    My family and I have been stuck in DCF hell for the last 5 years. It started with a false allegation of sexual abuse against my boyfriend and then spiraled out of control. Once DCF got their hands on my children, they had my youngest daughter confessing to things that would make the devil himself cry! My attorney compared it to the McMartin Preschool trial. I have had my children removed 3 times. This last Monday, DCF was at my door again stating they were taking my 2 older children (17 and 15). My oldest daughter was working and my 15 yr old was babysitting. Once they both found out what was going on, they took of and have not been seen since then! I have heard from them and know they are safe, but do not know where they are. Now DCF has put my children in danger because my children are afraid of THEM, not us! I don’t know what to do! I called my attorney’s office all week and haven’t gotten a response. There must be something that can be done before they get their claws on my children again! We are all so scared and don’t know what to do!

  • Conservative Woman

    Kelly, What county/State are you in? Do you have a court appearance coming up?

    • Kelly Paulsen

      As of right now, I do not have a court appearance. I spoke with an attorney (since my own is completely useless) and he advised for my girls to stay where they are and if DCF comes back for them to advise them that they need something from the court allowing them in my home. As of right now, they don’t have ANY orders to take them. They will “shelter” them first and then get the actual order the next day. I am in Lee County Florida.

  • Jacqueline Uline

    I have proof that Florida DCF is corrupt I need assistance, I need someone to listen to my story, it is urgent my case is over 3 years old please please anyone contact me we need assistance!!

  • Paula Chernick

    After informing probation of drug use in my daughter’s home and after informing my daughters boyfriends Mother that I knew there was drug use in the home, although I live 30 minutes away as a Mother I knew. The other Grandmother also knew and lived minutes from the Grandchildren choosing to ignore the entire situation and turn a blind eye.Dealing with Lake County Florida DCF is a complete and utter joke! They called me for my concerns and I personally spoke with them about drug use in my daughters home by her boyfriend. My comments were to help the children and make sure this situation would not continue. My calls for help were ignored. A member of my family also made a report of drug use in front of children to the same Lake County Florida DCF office and this called in report also was never followed up. After the arrest of my daughter and her boyfriend, DCF removed the children from the temporary care of the boyfriends Mother and her husband. They were found unfit. The home study was done for my household and the children were in DCF custody.A hearing was held in which we were not informed. The Boyfriends Mother found out about the hearing and attended and the Judge gave her custody. Our home study was never completed. We are now not a party to the situation and have absolutely no say so on the children.Boyfriend was convicted and will serve 10 years, my daughter was just given 8 years. In the mean time the other Grandmother who also is a drug user and enabler has the children in her care. I wrote Judges, DCF, Guardian Ad Litem, all explaining the situation and they will not even think about believing me or seriously listening to me. This is just a game to them. There are two children who’s lives are in the balance here and all they are concerned with is not rocking the boat. I have the sibling to these two children in my custody for the past 7 years. DCF does not care about splitting siblings up and does not care that by keeping these children in the care they are in that my Daughter and her Boyfriend still have control and access to each other through the enablers. It is just absolutely crazy that DCF has blinders on and is letting these lying drug addicted people have guardianship of my daughters children. Lake County DCF should be shut down!

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