Florida Lawyer Clark Cone Stole $600,000 from Clients

The Palm Beach Post
By Jane Musgrave, Staff Writer
April 18, 2011

WEST PALM BEACH — Disbarred West Palm Beach attorney A. Clark Cone will plead guilty to charges stemming from allegations that he bilked clients out of more than $600,000, his court-appointed lawyer said Monday.

A jury trial, scheduled to begin Monday morning, was canceled.

Attorney Genevieve Hall said Cone planned to plead guilty once a restitution agreement was finalized. While he is supposed to appear before Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Stephen Rapp again in early June, his plea could come before that, she said.

Cone, 56, was disbarred in 2009 after Florida Bar investigators found he had taken more than $600,000 awarded to three clients. He was charged with larceny and fraud in connection with the clients’ missing money.

His arrest caused tremors in the legal community because he is the son of the late Al Cone, a legendary lawyer who schooled some of the top legal minds in the state at his prestigious West Palm Beach firm.

The younger Cone’s arrest also prompted old-timers to reveal a long-hidden secret. Al Cone adopted Clark Cone after Clark’s biological father was sentenced to life in prison for committing one of the most heinous crimes in Palm Beach County history.

His biological father, Joe Peel, masterminded the 1955 murders of Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Curtis Chillingworth and his wife, Marjorie.

A. Clark Cone shed the Peel name when his mother divorced Peel and married Al Cone.


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  • Anthony DePrizio

    My wife Was a victim from a bad car accident and is paying for it the rest of her life”.. Clark Cone stole $500,000.00 from us. She is lucky to be alive today. He can rot in hell as far as am concerned

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