Florida Department of Children and Families Has Failed

Angela Guinn:

So I have to start by saying the Florida Department of Children and Families Has Failed many people through the years…. While they were still HRS they Failed me I was not removed from my home while I was being Sexually abused by my step father while there had been proof that something had happened nothing was done this man also got off on a technicality and served no time in Jail. Many years later the system is still a failure losing kids in the system, placing kids where they should not be placed and even breaking protocol. Why do I say this well, Starting March 31, 2009 My children were removed from my care for two months prior i had been fighting with DCF for Medicaid I was receiving unemployment 600 a month but yet myself, and my two kids that were with me (Jason and heather) were making too much to qualify for Medicaid….I begged because I knew my mental state was fading I knew I was in depression and needed help but couldn’t get that help unless i had Medicaid. A week before March 31, 2009 my ex husband brought my daughter Katlin to me and said he couldn’t handle her so I said fine i would take her… I didn’t seem to have any problems out of her while she was with me. except realizing a child with adhd needs to come home do homework and then play. The day she had a half day of school I figured she could do her homework at 4 when she usually did it so i let her go outside to play. well honestly the homework didn’t get done and i sent a note to the teacher and to my amazement the teacher understood and let her make it up. March 31, 2009 DCF showed up with two sheriffs’ officers and took the kids I did explain to the worker that I knew I was depressed and that yes i had issues and i needed help they had already contacted Katlins dad to come get her. When asked if they could contact my mother or other family members for Jason and Heather They said they already had a place they were going to. It is my understanding of the law before the court hearing with in 24 to 48 hours that they are to try to place with family and they did not. we went to court the next morning and the judge told DCF they had 24 hours to get me in for an evaluation this being court ordered I had to work on it myself at 4pm the next day I made myself the appointment and took the court papers with me. Diagnosis PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety.

I was told if I needed help with apts etc to contact the worker and they would help, when I did ask for help it was not provided except on occasion. this went on for several months saying I was not complying with the case and I was trying but I needed help they wanted me to work which I was doing but did not want to provide visits after work hours so i would have to take days off. That is a catch 22 basically you don’t work you don’t get your kids back you don’t follow visits you don’t get your kids back you lose your job because you talk off work too much you don’t get your kids back you lose your transportation cause you cant afford gas or your car payment cause you take off and lose your job… well you get what i am saying. This went on through July… July 17, my mother came over to let me know I had to be in court for another case involving my Daughter Katlin and William at their Fathers house. They were removed from his care as were his other two children. Katlin had bruises on the scalp two black-eyes and her ear was black and blue.
and another bruise found on her back, just under the shoulder blade…. I went to court talked to the caseworker and she showed me the pictures of Katlin it was horrifying I could not believe what i was seeing and the fact that her father allowed this to happen. Not only was that but her father allowing William 8 at the time to medicate himself. William was placed in a foster home without Katlin. She was in another foster home, in another county. Brandy (Dustins wife/ the step mother of my children/ and my cousin) was arrested for child abuse of Katlin. She was Charged and eventually plead guilty, Third degree Felony Child Abuse.
About a month after the children were removed I got a call saying that I needed to go to the centers to meet William that he had tried to commit suicide. When I got to the centers I met William who was happy to see me. I gave him a hug he looked at the clock on the wall and turned and said “Mommy I have to take this now” as he pulled an orange pill out of his pocket, there was no bottle no prescription on him in anyway… I asked William what it was and he said it was his rispridone….

I know that that drug is usually used for bipolar there for is a felony if there is no script with it and an 8 yr old is carrying this pill in his pocket. Not to mention his foster mom allowed this to happen she gave it to him so he could take it when he needed to and the worker that came with William didn’t know he had it in his pocket. I did tell William that he could not take it because the doctor had to look at him first and ok it. Which the doctor did not ok. William admitted he had tied a rope around his neck two days prior. This devastated me that it happened two days before and was not reported until this day he was at the centers, The foster mom is an EMT therefore she knows better than most that it should have been reported right then. I told my concerns to DCF and they told me they would look into it they did not remove him from this care… they told her “don’t do it again”…other incidents happened failure to give meds several days in a row and still nothing was done. eventually William was placed, back in the care of his father and Brandy was frequently over to see Dustin, Williams father… once again William was removed from Dustin and then placed with Barbra, brandy’s mother whom brandy was living with I questioned this action because brandy was in the home and I was told that he is not in Brandy’s care…but a couple months later he was placed in Brandy’s care I questioned this also because before a child can be placed in someone’s care they have to have a background check and a violent history is a denial in this case she was allowed to take my son and she was on probation for third degree felony child abuse on his sister Katlin. Once again he was placed back with his father, Until October of last year. William was once again removed I was notified that William was removed and had to appear in court by phone since i am now in Michigan. Williams father was admitted to the Centers and I didn’t know what for … My mother called me that evening and let William talk to me I asked no questions regarding his father but William said “you know mom, dad is in the centers cause he was going to kill himself because he failed a polygraph test” polygraph coming out of Williams mouth did not surprise me…because in first grade he went to school and asked his teacher if she knew what MRSA stood for the teacher asked him what it stood for and he said Methacillin Resistant Staphylococcus Areaus big words for a first grader but always asked to look at my medical dictionary and asked questions I held nothing back if he wanted to learn.

William was placed in foster care where Jason and Heather were for a little over a year I was being jerked around they said they were going to send him up here to live with me and i was already for it and then they said they were going to send to his father again and then his father was found guilty of sexual battery therefore William could not be returned to Dustin. Just before the last hearing the case worker Yolanda called me and told me they were thinking of placing William back with Brandy. I told her absolutely not and explained that she had been charged in the abuse of Williams sister which she already knew since this is the same worker throughout the case with the exception of the first month which was a male worker of whom i had dated in the past and it was a conflict of interest and we both asked for there to be another worker as it was a conflict of interest but did not explain to what extent it was. Yolanda told me that William was not the victim in the case and that she would be able to care for him. When asked why they were now not considering me for placement I was told that it is because i lost my job… I am not going to lie I was very heated over that and told her that there are people everyday that don’t have jobs and care for their kids just fine. I am keeping up with my bills. Yolanda also told me that the court would call me in two days cause that was our hearing. To my surprise Marion county courts did not call, when they had called every time before that. The decision was to send him to live with Brandy. William went to live with Brandy on the 28th of December 2012. I have been told by a source that wishes me not to give her name but is a family member that Brandy has had Dustin over to see the kids several times. This source is in Florida and said she knows for a fact that this has happened. I am tired of getting nowhere when I ask the news, newspapers, and other sources for help. Reporting this to the Head of DCF in Florida in Tallahassee I was basically given a lie to shut me up. This lie was that the worker had been fired when my mother showed up in court well the worker was still there…. So if the head haunchos in Tallahassee are covering things up too where do i go for help now….Washington? Where Do I start? Here? I am writing this not only to expose Florida’s DCF system and Marion county court system but also for help and answers. DCF in Florida looks at it as though I don’t care for my kids, The thing is I do I care for them enough to say yes I screwed up and I was a mess, I also care for them to try to find out answers to questions no matter how long it takes hoping to change laws.

That system can not honestly say they know what people feel like, their psychological evals are not realistic by no means having your children taken from you and experiencing it twice in less than a year who would not feel angry and upset not to mention calling them on their screw-up’s and nothing being done about it where a normal parent would have the child removed from their care a foster parent is slapped on the hand and told not to do it again….yeah I think I have that right to be angry with out being told that i have anger issues because lets face it anyone enduring that much hurt and loss would be normal to be angry, sad and depressed. So if anyone out there can help with information on where i can go to get help…. I dont know if i could sue the state but am so willing to do what i can to change something with that system.

Angela Guinn:


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  • Actof Courage

    WLYB……..As always…FOLLOW THE MONEY
    in Child Laundering
    If you are parent or you care about children’s well being (which is probably all of you!) please take the time to watch this 14-minute video. This is what is happening in America. If you stay silent, you are part of the problem. CPS Documentary a must watch recommended by Glen Gibellina

  • Tammy

    The 15th Judicial Circuit Palm Beach County Florida Is Giving Children to Abusive Parents at Alarming Rates

    CHILDREN are being taken from “good mothers” at alarming rates and given to ABUSERS with records of violence including loss of custody and protective orders. EVIDENCE of abuse is not even being considered in many of these cases. Mothers are getting charged nearly $10,000. in Guardian Ad Litem fees alone even after one “father” lost custody. The step mother in this case has a previous record of violence and stalking yet managed to get herself a position as a Guardian Ad Litem in the 15th Judicial Circuit; the same court where the biological mother’s case was pending. The step mother, abusing her position as a GAL soon began to threaten the biological mother to take the children from her. The mother who had no record of abuse, drugs, neglect, mental issues, etc. and had a very close relationship with her children expressed how she and the children experienced years of torment from the step mother and father that ultimately led to these protective orders. The mother pleaded with the courts prior to the step mother’s position and while there had been a different judge on the case to grant her and the children permission to relocate. The father agreed pending the mother give up child support and the judge on that case agreed as well.
    While one of the protective orders was in affect against the father for abusing the children and then calling and threatening the mother’s life (on a phone message) the mother had to relocate to take care of her terminally ill mother in her home town. Just days after the move and further threats from the step mother, two local Sheriffs showed up at the terminally ill grandmother’s home and took the children by force as her son hid, crying underneath the bed and begging them not to take him. The daughter holding on tight to the mother pleaded for help as she too begged them not to take her. This was two years ago and the last time the mother has been allowed to see her children or have any contact whatsoever.
    The grandmother who’s only dying wish was to say goodbye to her grandchildren, has passed away without even being allowed a phone call.
    The grandfather has since been diagnosed with terminal cancer and hopes that he will at least get to say goodbye.
    Sadly there are many more horrifying stories similar to this in the same 15th Judicial Circuit, yet no officials are investigating this nor are any media outlets willing to cover such stories. Someone needs to step up to the plate and protect these children before it is too late but the biases and corruption runs so deep in the 15th Judicial circuit, that most officials are believed to be in fear for their own jobs more than they’re concerned for the safety of these children.
    Thank you to Facts Court Watch for your courage in listing some of the many horrifying stories regarding the 15th Judicial Circuit and to the brave parents who are willing to speak out. http://www.factscourtwatch.org

    Here is big part of the problem as well:
    Governor Scott Vetoes LEGAL AID for “LOW INCOME” families. This is why we are losing our children folks! It’s all about the $$$. “FOLLOW THE MONEY” This is why FLORIDA is fourth in the nation for corruption. Where is the AUDIT!
    Florida Governor Scott vetoes legal aid for low-income families
    For the third year in a row, Gov. Rick Scott has vetoed funding for legal aid to low-income Floridians.

  • Tammy

    Governor Scott Vetoes LEGAL AID for “LOW INCOME” families. This is why we are losing our CHILDREN folks. “FOLLOW THE MONEY” This is why FLORIDA is fourth in the nation for corruption. DEMAND an AUDIT of FAMILY COURTS. They wouldn’t even file a paper for me but they have all these “high society” events claiming to help children! If they would have HELPED me, my kids would likely not be with two abusers! Oh, but then there’s the corrupt 15th judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County.

  • barbara piard

    i agree. my son was ordered to go live with his biological father. judge robert groeb was appointed by gov scott and then right after that judge called a status conference (after 5 years court fight with a different judge who left my son with me though the father had been using his mother’s money in court all that time to try to get him because she is the one who wanted him)and i was not given notice of hearing when the court knew my address and phone number. Then at trial judge robert groeb would not allow my son’s counselor of years to testify. Then the judge twisted and ignored and made up and oh my god it was a forest. Unbelievable. Now my son has been there a year and he has run away threatened suicide, been pushed into a table and had bruises, smoked around when he has a little asthma, the guy drinks and drives and his adult daughter was arrested for molly, lsd, and weed, and my son tells all he is very unhappy there. It is corrupt and it is the middle aged male conservatives that are making rulings not based on evidence because they know that few will file grievances. I support my son and the father only works 20 hours a week for his mother who pays everything so I am not a deadbeat he is. This has been going on for over a years since groeb was appointed or it sounds like since scott was elected. This article i am commenting on is exactly right. This judge is in alachua county the 8th judicial circuit. DCF does not help either. My son has herpes on both corners of his mouth and around his nose and he is forced to go to school for weeks with bleeding scabs and the father has not once taken him to the doctor and just tells patrick to put carmex on it. I am afraid my son will die of herpes encephalitis as the herpes has spread so much. I showed a picture of the father smoking near my son (my son took the photo), and though the first judge ordered no smoking, judge groeb did not care. Judge groeb is a dick and so is scott. That is why they are angry and being bad to women. They are men past their prime who are angry with women. Enough for now. Thank you for letting me vent.

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