Florida Department Of Children And Families (DCF) Power Abuse

If you are interested in changing the corruption found in the Florida DCF please visit the following link and sign this petition.

I have seen clear abuses of power within the DCF System countless times.

Everyone can make a difference, but to make a difference you have to take action.



4 comments to Florida Department Of Children And Families (DCF) Power Abuse

  • The only way we can save our children from such horrible encounters is to stand up and voice your opinion. Changes must be made! Do not sit back idle and let these continue, take act and be heard if you really wish to see changes. Together WE the people can be heard. Read more at

  • Mary

    I am going thru this nightmare today. From the moment they took my grandchild their entire plan was not to leave her “on the market” very long and placed her in a family of their choosing. They have thwarted all attempts to keep me from having custody. This has included delaying and/or lying about being able to verify my identity.

  • Paula Chernick

    Lake County DCF is also a nightmare! They also “choose” who they want the children to go to. My Grandchildren are with the enablers that knew of drug use in my daughters home by their son and turned a blind eye while I verbally complained to probation, DCF, and the other Grandmother, who proceeded to tell the Judge under oath that she had no idea this was going on in the home! She now has custody of my daughters children even after I showed proof she was sitting in a room with her husband and another son and smoking pot with my 15 year old Grandson that I have custody with! A Grandmother (not my 15yr old Grandsons )enabling this situation while in the room with a minor and now has custody of two small children! Great job DCF!

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