Florida Department Of Children And Families Consider yourself Warned

April 11, 2014

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  • Lorraine A. Mogus

    When you come to MASS. count me in because in the State of MASS. in these types of cases they are all professionals under the Most Corrupt Atty. Gen’l. Martha Coakely but I have to admit the appointed Guardian Rebecca R. Carey was in the Top Ten of the Most Evil of Them All! Two states involved MASS. & R.I. & two Atty. Gen’ls.! The first 6 attorneys were hired to work for us taking $17,500.00 of our monies & I never got to see my Mothers face once in 5 yrs. Not on her Birthday, Mother’s Day & not even on Christmas the holiest day of the year! This is not what Judge Armand Fernandes Jr. ordered! He said that I should still have in put in my Mother’s care & should continue to see her every day like I was since I myself was on disability after fracturing my left hand off at the wrist put back on with a metal plate with 18 tiny nuts & bolts but it was what they all manipulated in the MASS. Broken Court Systems illegally taking our corrupt case out of Family Probate & bringing into my class mate Criminal Judge Gary Nickerson’s Superior Court Room where he lay waiting to do harm to both of us! It wasn’t even a criminal case; it was a Civil Trial! They said that if I wanted to see my Mother I would have to pay for a wheel chair van when Life Care had one & they knew that I was not working & could not eve afford to pay my rent or buy food! They said I would have to pay for a Nurse when my Mother was being paid to be looked after as if she was in her own home stated the advertising for Life Care& that we couldn’t even meet at the Senior Ctr. as I did not have wheel chair access to our home! I was told the Sr. Ctr. was not for meetings of this kind! I was told I would have to take my Mother to a restaurant when she could not eat solid foods, walk & was incontinent! Where were my Mothers Human & Civil Rights when she was being paid to be looked after at Life Care Ctrs. Of America?The attorney who stole the most monies, $7,500.00 of the $17,500.00, was the other prior Atty. Gen’l. Jeffrey B. Pine all this covered up by the Most Corrupt Atty. Gen’l. Martha Coakely!

    Robert G. Treano, Wayne A. Berube, Richard D. Harrison, Jeffrey B. Pine(’93-’99 Atty. Gen’l. R.I.), David C. Grossack, John D. Himmelstein

    Some of these eight attorneys below were suppose to be working for us but it was definitely a conspiracy to keep the name clean of Executive Director Kevin Morris & to save jobs & funding at Life Care Ctr. of Rayn.!

    Richard J. Sciacca Jr.,(Life Care), Sherry Pizzi(Life Care), Rebecca R. Carey (Abusive Guardian), John Corey(States Atty. Vietnam Vets. Hired by David C. Grossack to do harm), Frederick H. Federman(Investigator), Mark S. Machado(Appointed by State for my Mother), Margaret Walsh(Non-Profit-WellSpring-Hull), Robert Hynes(Weymouth Commons) ~ Amen & Blessings ~ G-d’s Secret Angel :-) XO

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