Florida DCF Worker Smoked Pot With Teen, Police Say

By Christopher Baldwin
Published: Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 6:24 p.m.

A state Department of Children and Families employee was arrested Friday after police said he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor whose case he was working that included drug use.

Josiah Robinson Winfrey

After more than a month of correspondence through Facebook, Josiah Robinson Winfrey, 28, of 2211 NE 12th Terrace, picked up a 16-year-old girl from Waldo in early September of last year, according to a Gainesville police report.

After stopping at his grandmother’s apartment, where he was residing at the time, the two entered Winfrey’s bedroom where he allegedly handed the girl a bag of marijuana and rolling papers that the girl used to roll a joint, the report said.

The pair then left the apartment and allegedly drove around Gainesville smoking the marijuana.

Winfrey attempted to persuade the teen to stay with him, the report stated, but he took her home after she repeatedly told him that was what she wished.

According to the police report, these details were consistent with Facebook messages that were copied and placed into evidence. These messages allegedly included multiple inappropriate references to drug use and sexual activity to the minor.

On Friday, police went to the home of Winfrey’s grandmother, who said he no longer lived there but did at the time of the incident.

Winfrey met with detectives on Friday and admitted to inappropriate correspondences with the teen through Facebook, the report said. He also reportedly admitted to picking up the girl and taking her to the home, but he denied any drug use.

Winfrey also admitted to deleting his Facebook account after finding out about the investigation because he didn’t want his job to be affected, according to the report.

Winfrey was arrested on charges of official misconduct, delivering drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance to a minor, and destruction of evidence. He was being held Sunday at the Alachua County jail on a $20,000 bond.





3 comments to Florida DCF Worker Smoked Pot With Teen, Police Say

  • Vickie Aubry

    In Greene County some foster parents REFUSED a drug screen when a teenager placed in their custody picture was shown to be under the influence or drugs/ alcohol with a wad of dip in her mouth! I would believe this easily!

  • arlandra hall

    This same man was the case worker for my son and I. I called the parents in need of assistance hot line and dcf assigns Josiah to my case. He was dishonest about so many things in my case. I stood b4 the judge on several occasions and told her he was fabricating so many things n my case. No one believed me. I lost custody of my ny son this past February. So now my thoughts are how many more cases did this man over see and fabricated as well as families he has destroyed such as this innocent girl and my son’s and mine. What’s going to be done? He started my case August of 2013 had someone listened to me and did some investigating in what I was saying this child wouldnt have had to endure this ungodly situation

  • sad.
    but if he is doing this,just imagine how many caseworkers for child protection agencies,”cps”dcf,etc. just imagine how many casework files are being altered,file tampering. This do not shock me at all. No one bit.and have a great evening to all.
    Hold your kids a lil bit tighter when your able.
    So many can’t,premise on lousy caseworkers who seriously should NOT be at all employed with children services,dcf.

    Farrah Wells.
    Advocate and Mother of sons,1 daughter.

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